Saturday, August 28, 2010

There were two sad girls who didn't go to school.

The first day of school had lots of excitement and nervousness.  The girls are always happy and excited to go but also nervous.  With all the craziness of making lunches and making sure that everyone has everything, someone was overlooked somehow.  (I think it is part of being #5 of 5 kids.)
Samantha found a backpack, found some boots, grabbed a baby doll, she told me she was going to school.
I felt so bad for her when I told her she wasn't going to be able to go to school this year.  She is only 2 so she has several years of "first day of school" days to see before she gets to participate in it.  Poor thing!

We spent the day playing school... we played with some little scrabble like tiles and matched like letters, then we played a memory game with them.  We had a snack time and a story time too.  Then it was time to go pick up some kids from school.  The girls fell fast asleep in the car.  I guess all that school wore them out. 

When we played school, Amber who is still obsessed with a neighbor friend from our old neighborhood, she wanted to be Jacob.  It was pretty funny, then Samantha decided she didn't want to be Samantha, she wanted to be Carebear.  I guess because of her carebear backpack. 

I would say, "it's Samantha's turn, " she would look at me and shake her head NO and say, "I not Mantha, I bear-bear."  I would then so, "Sorry Carebear, it's your turn."  Samantha would pick her same two tiles and no match still, then she would say, "Jacob's turn." 

I see many more days of school in our home with this little guys before they really do go to school.  That's okay.  I guess that is why I never do preschool outside the home.  I figure we do enough of it anyway.

Don't you love her boots on the wrong feet.  I tried to change them, but should would have nothing to do with it.  She carried this backpack around all day, then the next 2 days.  She will still carry it around if she finds it again, but I have put it up for awhile.

Amber was a little bummed that she didn't get to go to school but I told her she could go when she was 5 (in two years because of her fall birthday).  She liked doing school and she even got her own backpack too. 

Never a dull moment!


Karen Brothersen said...

That is seriously adorable! I felt so sad for her. Maybe we should have a play-school date with Konnor and the girls! ha ha love ya.

Jamie said...

so cute. The year Carly started school I was doing a neighborhood mom preschool group. I had explained to Rachel I thought she would be going to her friends houses to school and she was sooo excited. on her first day of school when I took her to the neighbors she got MAD. She said "Ths is NOT a school and hid in the bushes for a LONG time. *sigh* you are a good mommy, taking care of your little girl's school needs while they adjust to sisters being gone. I love hearing about your days.