Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday Activity in Washington

On a Sunday while we were in Washington up on Pony Poop Farm (a.k.a my parents house) the girls came up with a good activity to do.  I don't remember how it all got started or who decided it, but Grandpa got decorated.  They decided he should be the Egyptian Pharoh, I think it what they called him. 

You can tell how impressed my dad was with the whole thing.
Lindsey kept trying to make him smile but he wouldn't budge a smile out. 
Although he did give several silly looks instead of smiling.  The girls just kept laughing at him and added more things to decorate him.
They gave him a frog foot stool, a watch for a head piece, some sort of paper or book mark for his chin.
My dad wasn't smiling but he did keep giving funny faces.  The girls finally gave up after they dance around him and decorated him in so many things.
Then they all decided to go on with something else...  Lauren was then Noah or Moses.  I can't remember which it was she was suppose to be.  Fun times!
It is always fun to spend time at Pony Poop Farm.  The girls love it, they have a blast and so do I.


Lilly Corbett said...

What a good sport your dad is, and he let you take pictures!! So fun!
Good to see you the other day by the way!

Gena said...

I just was on Brittney (Henderson's) blog, and commented, and saw your comment and pic... and now I am blog stalking. It's Gena (Rogerson) from Winlock. What a small, little world! How do you know the Henderson's? We were at school together at BYU-I. They're done... we're still here! Anyway, just thought I'd say hi. I had no idea you had five girls now! I think last I new, it was just to the twins. :)