Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School again

School started about today for my girls.  They were super excited (and nervous) to get back to school.  On Monday we had back to school night were they were able to go meet their teacher and see where their classroom was.  It was all good except the part with Samantha and Amber fighting and crying in the middle of me trying to talk to the teachers.  Emily even lost her tooth during it, when she ate a salt water taffy piece.
Here is Lindsey and Lauren and one of the neighbor girls they are good friends with.  It was so cute, we heard this little knock on the door and there was Taylor asking to see if the girls wanted to walk to the bus stop with her.  I was just getting pictures, so we added her into them too.
Lindsey fell in love with this shirt.  I warned that it was going to be warm today but it didn't matter to her.  And she loved the jeans too, looks like something kids wore back when I was in school.  Nice acid washed jeans.  I remember making a pair of jeans that looked like this in my bathtub with a bottle of bleach.
Lauren was so wanting "skinny jeans" and I wasn't really interested in them.  We got them a size bigger, she was happy that she had skinny jeans, and I was happy that they were sooo skinny.  She kept telling her friends, "I got 2 pair of skinny jeans!"  Too funny!
Emily had a fun time shopping for clothes.  She is doing alot of layered stuff.  She got a few tank tops or shirts like that and then got some t-shirts to go under them.  Although this morning when we were leaving she said, "I am too short and too skinny for the jeans... I think we should fix them."  That is a nice switch... normally it is a total melt down with crying and screaming, stomping off to her room, pouting and sometimes kicking of objects in her way.  I was pleasantly surprised it went the way it did.

Emily woke up this morning, came in my room in a rage saying, "Why didn't you wake me up?"  She was all mad.  When I questioned her about it, she sheepishly smiled and said, "oh it is only 6:50, I had a dream I missed school."  Apparently she had a dream she missed school, and then when she woke up she thought she was still late and noticed her alarm hadn't gone off yet (because it wasn't time yet) and then thought it was all real.  It was pretty funny.  She was in a good mood ever since then.

My complaint with back to school, is that they couldn't get Emily on the same schedule as Lindsey and Lauren.  The family I was going to carpool are on the 8am track and we are still on the 9:15am track for Emily.  Lindsey and Lauren take the bus and they are on the early schedule.  I now have another year of having kids go to school at different times and get out of school at different times.  UGH!  The good thing is... there is a girl that needed a ride to Emily's school (she is in the 6th grade A.L.L. program) and wasn't able to find a ride or carpool.  We are now taking her to school and it is on our way to school too.  I was happy that at least with this problem of mine, it helps out someone else and feels better I guess you could say.  

Now what to do with my older kids in school? 

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