Monday, August 30, 2010

Lindsey's braces

Lindsey has had her braces for a little while now.  She has done very well with them.  Her ortho (Orthoworks in American Fork) has a special program they do.  They grade their mouth when they come in depending on how clean it is.  If they floss and brush each day they can get an A.  You normally have to floss to recieve the A.  Then after you get an A your name goes into a drawing, and you get a sticker for your picture.  Once you get 3 stickers, you get a $10 gift card.
Lindsey has wanted a fish or some fish for some time.  I told them if they cleaned their room and kept it clean I would get them one.  When Lindsey got 3 A's and got a gift card for Walmart (her choice) she wanted to get fish.  We looked at Walmart for fish and didn't really see anything cool.  I told her I would trade her the gift card for a $10 bill and we could check out petco for fish.
She looked at the fish, then decided on something non-fishy.  This fire-bellied toad.
She named him blazer!  She was in love with him.
She thought it was better than a fish!

Unfortunately after about 16 days, Blazer died.  I called Petsmart and they replaced him for free (even though it was past the 14 day period).  Robert and I were going out on a date so we exchanged him for 2 new fire-bellied toads.  So far one is doing good and the second isn't eating... which is what Blazer did.

They have names but they keep chaning.  Slips and Bandit or Houdini?  They keep changing.  I hope the one makes it.  Or I guess we will be exchanging him too.

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