Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I don't use chapstick anymore!

Amber totally cracks me up. I know I have said this before... but she really does. She has me laughing or I am trying to be angry because she is doing something she isn't suppose to be. She is a smart little girl and is always talking and reasoning with me.

She was up on the counter one day getting some candy and knocked my cookie jar lid on the floor which shattered the lid. It was a present from Lauren for Christmas. Lauren and the rest of the girls where pretty sad that my pig jar broke. They made Amber feel pretty sad about it. Now Amber will just out of the blue say, "I am sorry I broke your present mom, it was an accident!" I keep telling her that I knew it was and that it is okay. She is so cute when she says it.

In Washington she loved to play the piano. She had her Grandpa and Grandma pretty well tied around her finger.

Lately when I take pictures, she is wanting me to take some of her. These are from WA, and I had my camera. She will say, "Take a picture of me!" Then I will snap a shot, then she says, "Again" or "here" or "do this one." She would have me there all day if I would let her. Here are some of her poses, all in a row of how she did them. She is a funny girl!

Yes she has me wrapped around her finger too!
A funny story for you.... Amber loves chapstick! I have chapstick that I keep in my purse as it seems like in the winter time my lips get pretty chapped and sore, well in the summer they do too. Anyway... Amber is always finding chapstick. She knows where Emily keeps her chapstick, Emily is always complaing that Amber was in her chapstick again. Normally Amber is pretty good with chapstick, but is always pretty slobbery. I normally let her use my chapstick, then wipe it on my jeans in hope to get all her slimy slobbers off. (I am pretty bad at all the "germs" and sharing things. I don't like to share cups or drink after others, or have them drink after me. I normally just let the drinker have it if they have used my cup. I admit I am a little overboard on this, which makes this story even funnier!)
So this one day, Amber has my chapstick. I am doing something else, cleaning, or doing laundry, maybe even blogging... and Amber hands me my chapstick and says, "I am all done with your chapstick." I am trying to be better about my "germ phobia" so I just say, "Thanks" and slab my chapstick on my lips. I go and put my chapstick back in my purse where is belongs and remember that Amber is still naked. (I can't remember why she was naked, seems like 2 year olds are always naked when they chose to be.) I grab Amber and get a diaper. I am getting the diaper ready for Amber's bum, she is lately really into using diaper cream (she calls it lotion). She doesn't really need it but she likes the idea of it. As I get her diaper under her she says, "I don't need lotion, I already put chapstick on my bum!"
Gross huh, but funny! Hey does anyone want some chapstick? It's Burt's Bees (and a little bit of Amber-bum) and free! If you see me with chapped lips, you will know why now....LOL
Last night she had a glue stick using it as chapstick... serves her right for using my chapstick on her bum! Too bad she didn't use the glue stick on her bum.


wendy said...

Okay, I am laughing, but only because it wasn't ME that this happened to! That is SOOOO GROSSS! I'm sorry, Karla! Blucchchchch!

Jamie said...

oh karla... I am so sorry. can you believe it. you are trying to squash your germ phobia instincts and in this case they WERE TRYING TO SAVE YOU. I don't think I will tell Mark this story because I am often rolling my eyes at his germ phobia instincts and if I tell him this he will hold on a little tighter....

I do love Bert's bee's peppermint though.... It's refreshing...
hmmm... was it peppermint?
I wonder if it was a little tingly for amber????