Friday, April 24, 2009

Pony Poop Farm additions

Spring is a good time for additions to any farm! It seems every year the stock at Pony Poop Farm seems to dwindle. They were down on chickens and ducks. Spring is a good time to restock. Three new ducks and perhaps 14 chickens... not sure how many chickens, too many to count, and they don't hold still very well.

The girls each picked out a duck... this is Lauren with her yellow duck, which she named Ming Ming.

The girls named all the chickens and ducks... not that I could keep up with all the names, especially since sometimes they changed their names.

Amber liked the chicks and ducks too, but wasn't very gentle with them. At times I thought, I hope this one is going to make it... so far they have all survived. I guess we left just in time.

Here is Lindsey with a little chick. We had to give the chickens time outs so the kids would stop holding them. They would sit and watch TV with them, and just hold them. They got pretty tame.

The chickens didn't seem to be afraid. Even when on Amber's head.

A girl and her chickens. I think she just kissed one of them. She was always kissing them.

Here is Amber with ALL the chickens and the 3 ducks.

Amber was trying to get one to sit on her finger like Grandma's birds do. Grandma tells her birds to step up, and they hop on her finger. This chick wasn't so good at it. It needs more training. By the end of our stay, the chicks would sit on a finger and just perch there and be still.

Amber took the chickens and was making them talk.
"Hi there."
"How are you?"
"My name is chicken."
"Do you want to play?"
She sat there playing with them like you would do with Barbies or other little figurines.

Next time we see them, they won't remember all the fun they had with the Utah Girls. They will be all grown up and won't even want to go in the tub or sit on a finger. They will just run from the Utah Girls when they see them the next time. Poor Utah Girls. (Although I was feeling pretty bad for the chickens and ducks, they were getting handled a little too much!)

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