Friday, April 24, 2009

She wants a duck for her bath

We were up in Washington for our spring break... Amber loved to go outside to play at "the park" she called it. My parents have a playground area outside, slide, swings, teeter tatter (or as my older girls use to call it the "up and down"), a balance beam, a tire swing, monkey bars and then some other bars and a swinging bar too I think... the playground equipment has changed from when I was growing up. I guess all those kids and then the grandkids are hard on playground equipment. The original slide is long gone!

When Amber goes out, she has boots on but not for long. She soon takes off her boots and socks if she had them on, and then she drags her feet on the ground as she goes around on the tire swing. And this is what she looks like.

It was definetly time for a bath! Which is no problem Amber loves baths. She also seemed to find some of her cousin Destiny's little ducks so she wanted to have a duck for her bath too. She is in the tub with her one pink duck, and then asks for some more ducks. I had a hard time finding the ducks she wanted but ended up finding some that seemed to work out okay.

In fact, after Lindsey got a look, she instantly started stripping to get in the tub too. I had to quickly tell her no, and that I was taking Amber out in just a minute. Pretty funny!

Things like this may only happen on Pony Poop Farm!

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