Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Sunday

Thomas was baptized on Saturday and then on Easter Sunday he was confirmed which is when he receives the Holy Ghost. For those who aren't familar with the LDS church, after baptism, you recieve a special blessing from someone who holds the priesthood and is given the gift of the Holy Ghost. We came to Washington for this purpose mostly... to be a support for Kelly and his family during this exciting event of Thomas' baptism.

Robert confirmed Thomas on Sunday, Kelly baptized Thomas on Saturday. (Robert was pretty nervous to his suprise as I am sure Kelly was nervous on Saturday.) It was such a wonderful thing to see my brother do that. I always thought it was so cool when older brothers baptized their younger sibblings, of course I didn't have any older brothers to do that. It was still just wonderful to see my brother perform this wonderful ordiance for his son. I am really glad we were there.

Of course on the non-spiritual side of Easter, my girls got Easter buckets. I think it is always fun to see their excitement. Amber was pretty funny, and Samantha didn't have a clue. The older girls feed Amber all the excitement and anticipation of things like Easter and Christmas. Early on Sunday morning, one of my sleeping problems was Amber and Lauren both waking up and then Lauren talked and talke to Amber about the Easter bunny. I kept telling them to go to sleep or the bunny wouldn't be coming!

Samantha got bunny ears and a swim suit mostly.

All the girls got pencils, stickers, a chocolate bunny, sidewalk chalk, a book, a ring pop... (I am sure I am forgetting something)

The girls didn't really get much candy although they got lots of candy in the eggs from the egg hunt on Saturday. Amber got bunny ears and some gloves and tights too I think. She didn't get some of the stuff the older girls got.

Amber enjoyed the ears of her chocolate bunny!

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