Thursday, April 2, 2009

Washington Cousin Fun

My family all lives in Washington state, so it makes it hard to all get together. When I go up there during the summer I am normally there for a few weeks at best, and never feel like I have enough time to hang out with everyone or to see everyone. Unfortunately life for everyone else still goes, even though I am on vacation.

Being spring break for my parents and my brother's family, they came to visit me. Here are some of the things we did while they visited our family. All the kids had a great time, my girls love to get together with their cousins, I sure wish they were closer to get together with them more often.

This is Parker and Samantha. Parker is 5 months younger than Samantha, but weighs at least a pound more and is 1-1/4 inches longer. In this picture it doesn't really look like he is bigger because Samantha is starting to get up, but he is bigger. He is SOLID! This picture doesn't really show exactly how big he is. Sometimes they call him PORKER instead of Parker.

Here is another picture of Parker. He is such a cutie! He has lots of hair, and it is so curly on top. I put some curl spray in his hair here... usually his hair lays down. Sarah wants to cut it, but Kelly wants to keep it long.

I don't know how it all got started, but the girls ended up doing some magic shows for us. Here they are doing a magic show... I think this was one where you had to guess where the little toy was under the caps, maybe?

We had a silly string fight. We all went outside, most the kids all had their pajamas on by this time, and we gave them all a can of silly string. I felt bad for some of the little ones, since they couldn't get it to spray very well.

Emily got it pretty good. She was kind of a poor sport, she got upset when she got sprayed in the face... too many late nights I guess!
Lauren and Lindsey got really close to who ever they were spraying. This is a good picture of it. Lindsey and Lauren are looking a little crazy here.

You can see our street is just covered in string. I am glad we went outside instead of staying inside for it. Good idea to go out!

Emily's birthday and Thomas' birthday is only a few weeks apart. Thomas turns 9 next week, so I thought it would be fun to do a little early party for him here, since we won't be able to be there with him on his big day. He loves trucks and tractors. His other Papa drives a log truck, which he LOVES and has often gone with him in his truck. We decided to make him a log truck cake. It turned out cute I thought. Thomas thought it was pretty cool! We made Emily take Thomas outside to go play while we decorated it and put it together. I think he was surprised!

Here they are just starting to blow out their candles. Emily's cake is hard to see, but it was suppose to be a sunset on the ocean next to the beach, with coconut trees and umbrellas. Didn't really turn out and I was running out of time. I did buy the cake plate it is sitting on, I was anxious to use it!

Time for cake!! (I forgot to get the ice cream! Bummer.)

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Julie said...

Sounds like you guys had fun with cousins. That log cake was so cool. How did you make it?