Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rocks and Dirt

It has been kind of hard here, since we don't have a yard, just dirt and dust with lots of stickers and pokey weeds. Now that the weather is nicer, the kids want to go out and play... but where are they to play? They have their bikes and scooters, but that only goes so long. What I want it grass now.

Our lot is pretty unlevel, lots of slopes. We decided to do a rock wall on one side of our house to help make a more level yard for the kids to play on, and in hopes to have a playground area there too someday.

Here is what it looks like now, with the rock wall. The kids really like the huge rocks and of course more fresh dirt that gives them a nice digging ground.

Check out Amber's boots! We were packing to go to Washington, she had 2 red boots on, she took off one red boot and put it in Lauren's suit case. Then she found a yellow boot. They are both the same boot, both left boots. LOL Silly girl!

The girls are loving to dig in the dirt and make tunnels. They ask to go play in the sad. It is funny they call it that. It is pretty sandy dirt.

We have a rock wall on the South side of our house, but it needed a little help, there was a small gap between our rock wall and the wall behind us on the neighbors driveway. We got more rocks for this area too.

I think this will be fun to do landscaping with... I am just not sure WHAT to do yet... I have a good imagination but maybe not for landscaping.

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