Thursday, April 2, 2009

Temple Trip

We took Kelly and his family along with my parents to Temple Square. Kelly had been there back in 1980 when my parents were sealed, and all of us kids sealed to them. (We believe as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that when we are sealed in the temple that it binds our family in heaven, so we can have the same family relationships in heaven as we do here on earth. When we are married on earth, it is "until death do you part" meaning that once you die your marriage in no longer in effect. We believe that when you are married in the temple or sealed in the temple that your marriage will go on beyond the grave and beyond death so we can be married in heaven as well.) We (my brother and I) were like almost 4 years old, so he didn't remember much. Sarah had been there a time before when she drove back from WA with me. Their kids visited Utah for the first time this trip. (I hope to have them all come again!!)
Robert took half the day off and went with us too. Robert's parents came and watched our kids and also Kelly and Sarah's little one so we could go with my parents to down town Salt Lake to see the temple. We rode Trax down there. The kids thought that was pretty fun!

Here we are getting ready to get on Trax.
Here Thomas is having fun riding on Trax.

Destiny had fun too, she almost fell asleep on the way downtown.
We watched the movie about Joseph Smith, and my parents got some scriptures for Thomas for his 9th birthday. Thomas has decided to be baptized, and will be doing so on the Sat. before Easter. It will also be the Sat. after his 9th birthday. He is pretty excited.
We walked around the temple. The weather was pretty cold, the wind was blowing. In fact there was some snow on the ground, not on the sidewalks but on the grass or the bushes or what not. Destiny fell asleep during the movie, so after we got out, Kelly put her on his shoulders. She didn't seem quite awake for a little while.
Sarah, Kelly, Thomas, and Destiny stood up next to the temple here up the steps by the big wooden doors.

Like I said, there was still snow on the ground. It seemed like for some reason the snow kept falling, although it had some help from many others... Thomas here has a big snowball he just threw at his dad.

You can see how snowy he is. I am not sure Destiny was too happy about most of the snow throwing at first. She was better later as she woke up more. There was so much snow flying that later that night I went to get something out of my purse, and it was totally soaked inside. It took me the longest time to figure out what "spilled" in my purse or what I set it on that was all wet. I then realized it was probably that giant snow ball Kelly threw at me.

This was actually taken before the movie, before Destiny fell asleep. We walked through Temple Square for just a second on our way to see the movie.

I think every time I see the Salt Lake Temple, it still amazes me! It is such a gigantic amazing building. I can help but to just stare at it. It seems to be beyond words for me really. My parents and probably my brother and his wife kept telling the kids about the temple, so they were really excited to see it. I think they all had a good time. I was glad to go with them to show it to them, and I am sure my parents where glad as well to be there with them.
It was nice to go again, as I hadn't been there for awhile. It is funny how you have something so magnificent so close yet you seem to forget about it. I definitely see a Temple Square visit for my family in the near future.... when it warms up a bit.


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Wow... you guys have been busy. Glad that you had such a great time with your family.

The Jones :) said...

That sounds like fun...and yes, it's more exciting I think when it's WARMER and there are pretty flowers out!! Glad you had fun with your family!!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a fun Temple trip. Yes, it is more exciting when there is pretty flowers all around, but the snow make it's pretty too. Andy and I want to go to the SL Temple before it closes for 3 years I heard