Monday, February 23, 2009

A yard with No grass, means all mud!

The snow is melting, and that means more water in our yard. Normally that wouldn't seem to be a problem or a concern of mine, but with no grass or any vegetation of any sort, means just a HUGE mud pit!

When the girls come home from school they should walk on side walks or the driveway, but instead once in a while we get one of them that seems to think it is a good idea to walk through the yard... or should I say the mud.

I saw Lauren out there today, stuck in the mud. In her attempts to get out of the mud, she fell in the mud and also one foot came out of her shoe, making one sock all muddy too. I was kind of laughing as I watched her struggle. I heard Emily telling Lauren, "just stay there I will get Mom!" Emily then came in and told me Lauren needed help because she was stuck and couldn't get out. Emily put on some of Lauren's boots, but of course they didn't fit her so she wasn't really any help in getting her out of the mud. I don't have boots, so I slipped on my sneakers and went to play hero.

Lauren got one shoe out of the mud, she threw it across the yard to the more solid ground. I started in the yard to get Lauren as I was scolding them for going THROUGH the yard instead of around it and staying out of the mud. As I started to walk, I started to sink horribly bad, all I could do is keep moving to keep from sinking too far in. I ended up just running through the mud myself starting at the top of our yard and ending up on the sidewalk. Lauren was still stuck in the mud, minus one shoe but one really muddy sock.

I attempted to rescue Lauren again. As I did, I sank in the mud again, but not as bad since I found some bits of snow in the yard I could sort of stand on to keep from sinking. I grabbed Lauren's hand in an attempt to pull her out, and her foot came right out of her shoe. I told her to grab her shoe.

I told her to take her backpack off and hand it to me. I then flung it onto the steps. I advice her to grab her shoe that is stuck in the mud. She then grabs my hand and I pull her onto the little snow path that isn't as muddy and sinky as the yard without snow.

What a mess! She has mud everywhere. Her shoes are just a muddy mess and so are her socks, which look like mud shoes now.

Her backpack was even a muddy mess. You can see what a mess it all is, and how muddy her shoes where. These are church shoes by the way... I think they will need some good cleaning before she can wear them again, to church or school!

Lindsey was looking at her laughing, and then she pointed out that she was even muddy on the backside of her. Pretty funny!

I tried wiping my shoes off in the snow, but that wasn't very successful. I found myself with mud all over too, I even had it on the back of my pants when I ran through the yard it splashed or sloshed up on my pant legs! Ewww!

Lauren was to strip in the garage, and that is where I took off my muddy shoes too. I didn't put on socks, since I was trying to just slip on some shoes, not realizing what a mess it would be to get Lauren out of the mud. As I got inside I realized I was making mud tracks, which was from my pant bottoms and some how I had mud in my toes and under my toes... I stripped my pants too, and ended up washing my feet in the bathroom sink by the garage. Here is a nice look of our front yard. I think our back yard is even more muddy. You can see all the foot prints, mine going down and then the mud pit that Lauren was stuck in.

Lauren asked if she could take a bath. I told her that would be a good idea. Then Lindsey even though she didn't really get muddy, decided she would join in the tub too.

I hope the girls learn the lesson, and use the SIDEWALKS and paths that are here instead of taking a 8 step shortcut through the mud.


The Jones :) said...

LOL...that is pretty funny!! But so so gross...your yard looks like it's gonna be a LOT of fun in the real spring time!!! Looks like the girls enjoyed it though...and who wouldn't with the "reward" of a bubble bath in the BIG tub!! I'm jealous...can I come run through the mud then use your tub too!?!?!?! :) :) :)
Thanks so much for your care and concern for the kids...I think Aysha is actually on the mend?? She went 8 hours today without being sucked out...and she's smiling and "talking" more too. So that's exciting...I've missed my smiley baby!! Klous on the other hand is still pretty hopefully he can rest some tonight and tomorrow and get over it too!! That's exciting about Samantha though...I'm glad she's doing better!! Thanks so much for all your help, advice, love and care!! You're great and I really miss you...wish you were just a couple blocks away still!!
Love you Lots Karla!!!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the post. I got a good laugh at it. I'm just glad it wasn't me.

Jamie said...

oh yuck... Mud. I really hate it. I hate that part of spring but because there's so much to love about spring, I always forget about the mud til the next year when it starts getting tracked in!!!!

The Johnson's said...

OH, I feel for you...I HATE mud!!!!