Thursday, February 19, 2009

Siamese Twins

I figure since I am already posting, I might as well do this one too. As I was looking through my camera, I realized I had these pictures on here (which made me crack up laughing again) and remembered that particular day....

It was one of those days that Lindsey and Lauren seemed to never be happy and nothing was ever fair. Lauren wanted to know why Lindsey got that, or Lindsey was upset because Lauren did this or I said this to Lauren and not her... it was just a real back biting night. The girls didn't get along and I was so tired of it. It seems like this goes on so much... and I don't always know really how to handle it or what seems to be effective.

This night they were fighting over one pair of jammies, they both wanted to wear them. I tried suggesting, "Lauren you wore those last night, so it is Lindsey's turn." That of course didn't work. There was more complaining and arguing. I then tired to do what I always try to do... if I am not too tired to remember about this idea.... I started joking around, but in a serious way like I normally joke. I say or do something that would seem like I would be serious for those who don't know me, but if you do know me, you totally know I am just kidding around.

I told Lindsey and Lauren that I guess they both just had to wear the jammies. If they couldn't make a choice, they would just both have to wear them to bed. I put them on both of them. Immediately the girls stopped fighting, and just started to laugh. I told them it was time to go down stairs for prayer. It was hilarious trying to see them walk joined together down the stairs! What a hoot!

Later as I helped the girls out of jammies, one of them said, "You can wear them tonight" and then next thing I knew the other one said, "No you can have them tonight." It was a nice ending to a rough beginning!
Everyone else was laughing at the siamese twins too, as the girls danced around and even just watching them try to walk was funny!


wendy said...

THAT is awesome. You have such great ideas. I think I'm getting better at making miserable things more fun for our little guy by being silly. Sometimes I still forget, but I'm getting there.

The Jones :) said...

That is hilarious...and I can see you saying it and putting them on them!! Looks like they had a good time...and now that the jammies are a little stretched out and bigger...maybe Emily can wear them too!! :) Since they're so popular and all!! Your girls are funny...and I love Rob & Emily laughing in the background!!

Jamie said...

I have heard you joke them out of their gloom and doom more than once and have always admired that about you. I know you'll say you don't always and of course we all have our moments when we're not our best but i bet you remember more than you forget. Good job on getting that night right AND for getting such great pictures. love you!