Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

Finally, now that I am home and that I have a few minutes, I thought I would put our Valentine's Day events on here. I thought that Robert and I would go out and have a date, but then when Samantha got sick, that all went down hill.

We started off the day with heart shaped toast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The girls thought it was pretty clever.

I had planned on having heart pizza for lunch, but then I took Samantha to go get a "deep suction" so that put lunch off. I think Robert made them mac and cheese or soup or something. I then had all this pizza dough ready so I thought maybe we would do pizza for dinner and our real dinner would be used for Sunday dinner. (Which that didn't work either really since I was at the doctor's office again on Sunday evening.) Robert was gone getting something and I hurried and decorated to the table with the girl's help. Mostly they did it, I just told them which dishes I wanted them to use. I had gotten a dozen tulips on Friday for this purpose.
I made heart shaped pizza's and also my first attempt at fried mozzarella sticks, which turned out okay, they were kind of bland. I told Robert to get some Cherry 7up, or some sort of pink or red soda. He brought home root beer. He later realized the reason for my request on PINK or RED soda... he was laughing when he realized what that was all about.

Then for desert, we had heart shaped chocolate chip cookies.

I also took some left over heart cookies for my primary class on Sunday. I told them I had a silly secret for them... then I told them I was falling in love with them, and so I made them some heart cookies. They thought it was pretty cute, and one little boy was really funny! He said, "I think I am going to throw up!" as he smiled and laughed and ate his cookie. I am really starting to really like them and see the kids as more then just a bunch of crazy wild hyper 5 year olds! They are growing on me really fast.
Robert's mom came to help while Samantha was in the hospital, so maybe while she is here Robert and I can take advantage and go on our Valentine date, or just any date really would be great! Less crowd this way I suppose too.


wendy said...

That all looks so fun. Do you use margarine, crisco or butter in your cookies? I love when they look like that (the color/texture). The heart shape is darling!

Jamie said...

I love all your heart stuff. I'll have to file that away for next year's valentines meals. I wouldn't have thought that the cookies would stay in the heart shape. The white tulips looked gorgeous on the table. They really stand out. Mark and I don't go out on valentines weekend, it's just too crazy. yuck.

sorry you had to spend so much time at the doctors...
that sucks... ha ha