Monday, February 2, 2009

Re-arranging bedrooms

When we first moved in I thought it would be best to put Lindsey and Lauren in the same room, since they share the same clothes, shoes, and all that stuff. They go to school the same time, they go to bed the same time, I just thought it would work good. At our other house, we separated them because they didn't' go to bed really good. They either fought or they played all night. They had two rooms that they both switched back and forth each night, and both rooms where a disaster, one with clothes and the other with toys.

I put Amber and Samantha together, anticipating them being in the same size of clothes and them not having to get up for school right now. Samantha was in my room at our other house so this was a new arrangement. I thought I could keep all the "baby" stuff in there since they are both in cribs and both wear the same size of diapers and all that stuff.

Lauren and Lindsey have been struggling to go to sleep at night, they seem to do as they did before, fight or play all night. Robert suggested to separate them, and I told him no, they needed to just work it out and learn to deal with it. Then I started to notice there was a problem with the "baby room." Amber would go for her afternoon nap before Samantha would, and so when I would put Samantha down, it would wake up Amber. When I would put Amber down and Samantha was still sleeping, Amber would wake up Samantha. I started putting Samantha down for a nap in my bed or in Emily's, although I knew that wasn't a good idea since Samantha crawls now, although she normally just wakes up and sucks her thumb. I didn't want to continue her sleeping on our bed without sides.

I finally broke down and we changed rooms, Lindsey is now the room mate of Amber and Lauren is rooming with Samantha. We got a new dresser for Lauren and a mirror too for her room. I want to separate the girl's clothes too so they have "their own" clothes instead of just community clothes as it has been before. I am hoping this will help the girls be more responsible for their own rooms, since the little ones don't mess up the rooms. Lauren is really good about cleaning her room, and Lindsey seems to be not so good. Lauren on the other hand is the one that takes EVERYTHING out of the dresser to find what she is looking for.

Time will tell how this will work out. After all, it only took me an hour an a half to move around two beds and two cribs and 2 dressers. Although it took me most of the day in small spurts to put together the new dresser since I kept getting interrupted.

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