Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amber with Hives

When Amber was about 8 months old, she woke up one morning and had a few red marks on her. I didn't think much about it, looked at them and they didn't look like anything bad and there were just like 3. As the day went on, she kept getting more and more red marks. I got on the computer and searched around and then called her Dr. It was hives. There was nothing she ate or anything we changed, I racked my brain on what she may have eaten or got on. We had a babysitter the night before so I was asking the girls if they went anywhere or if they fed Amber non-baby food. I was just puzzled. The dr. said that sometimes hives come after a virus of some sort, and she had the stomach flu a few days before.

This is Amber at 8 months with hives. (notice her funny belly button)

On Monday the girls didn't have school, so they had a "picnic" with snacks and what not. I was busy putting a dresser together... Amber was crying so I got her and she told me that Lauren hurt her. As I looked, Amber had a white spot on her cheek and then as I got to looking she had some on her hand and wrist, and arm.. the more I looked the more I found some. I then figured she was having an outbreak of hives again. Today (after 3 days of hives) she is much better, still has a few spots but nothing like she did any of the other days. She didn't seem to itch too bad, so that was good. I tried giving her Benadryl but she would spit it out. I then started giving it to her in hidden forms, I gave it to her in applesauce and chocolate milk and that worked okay. It is hard to make a 2 yr old eat or drink something if she doesn't want to, so we were sometimes just out of luck.
I was taking Samantha to the Dr. yesterday for some girl problems, and while I was there I of course had Amber and we were able to also talk about Amber's hives while I was there too. I got a bonus that time without having to pay another co-pay! Nice! I don't know that I would have brought Amber in just for hives though. He did say if she still had them after a week, to bring her back. The Dr. also said if they don't seem to itch, there is no real reason to give her the Benadryl, he said it doesn't seem to keep them from braking out, but it helps more with the itch of it. Amber didn't seem to itch them. Although the first day it was funny, we asked her if she itched and she said no... as she was wiggling her pants around and itching her legs. That was about the only day I noticed her even sort of itching.

Amber on Monday with hives....

It seemed like they were worst on her face, poor baby!

She had them the first day on her arms and legs and face...

This was yesterday, she had them pretty much everywhere!

I thought this was a funny comparison Amber and Samantha, both are about 8 months in these pictures.... Look at how bald Samantha is... she is my baldest baby! I do hope she gets hair soon.

Samantha is growing other than her hair... she weighed 19 lbs 3 oz yesterday with her clothes on at the Dr. She has her official 9 month appointment later this month.
It was kind of interesting, with the hives, Amber would go to bed with hives, wake up with none or very few hives and then as the day would go on, she would get more and more till they were covering her all over the place. When they first start they are a white mark with redness around the white area, or that is how Amber's has been. After a while the white mark goes away and it is all red. I just hope she doesn't keep developing hives, she won't like to go to school with hives when she is older.


wendy said...

Yuck! It's so weird that they go away in the night. I wonder what's up?

Jamie said...

That happened to Carly a few times when she was little. I never did figure out what caused them and it was weird how they would come and go. i hope they go away soon!