Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cookie Disaster

A few weeks ago we had some friends come over for lunch. They brought some super yummy cookies. Then she posted the recipe on her blog so I thought I would try them out. They are maraschino cherry cookies with frosting. They are so great, they are soft and flavorful...mmmm they are great! I normally just make chocolate chip cookies, but they are different and so good.

They call for a jar of maraschino cherries, so I bought a jar and an extra one for making the cookies later. We had the cookies, they were gone in about a 24hr period.

I signed up for a dessert for enrichment night. I wasn't really sure what I would bring when I signed up. Then they called and reminded me (which I am so glad they did, I forgot about it). I then thought about those cookies and remembered I had that extra jar of cherries, so I had everything already.

I started the cookies, then realized I had a dr. appointment for Samantha, and I needed to leave in about 20 minutes, so I really didn't have time to put the cookies in the oven and wait for them to all bake. I decided to stop mixing them, (I had the butter-I substituted instead of the shortning it called for- and then the sugar and vanila all mixed up.) I decided to finish later.

I went about my day and about the time the girls got home from school, I started them again. As I was adding the flour I realized I didn't have enough flour. I looked around for some stored flour somewhere... none to be found. The little girls were both sleeping, and I didn't want to wake them up to go to the store to get flour, and I didn't really want to wait for Robert to get home from work either, since I still needed to make frosting and we had parent teacher conferences starting at 5:45. I decided to rely on my neighbors.

I called one neighbor, and BINGO! I got flour. I told him I only needed 2 cups, since I already added 1 cup. Then when I got home and looked at the recipe (it called for 3 1/2 cups) I got all mixed up or something. Emily was helping me and so I was explaining to her I already put in one cup, and was talking it through with her, and we were using a 1/2 cup so somewhere along the line, we shorted the cookies 1 cup I think. I thought they seemed kind of soft, but I couldn't remember, since I had only made them once.

The cookies baked and got all runny.... I was so upset, these were suppose to be for RS, and now look at them. I was trying to think what went wrong. Then I remembered I used butter instead of shortening, but I have done that tons of times without this end result in runny cookies. I looked at the recipe again and was thinking about what I added in the morning, and then after school, and then after we borrowed flour.... then I figured it out.

These are how runny they turned out, although they seemed runnier in person.

I took the cookies off the pan, and put them on cooling racks. There's no way I can take these to RS!!
With all that, my cookies still didn't turn out great, they were better, and I only have 20 cookies now. I started with 24 that were good after I added more flour, but then when I was frosting them, a few fell apart and one broke when I took it out of the bowl that I stored them in last night. BUMMER! The girls keep eyeing them, and I keep having to watch Amber. All I need is for Amber to stick her finger in them, as she seems to do in all treats like that.

This is what they are SUPPOSE to look like. Before frosting of course.
I always thought I was pretty good at baking, or good enough to offer to bring something anyway! Now I am second guessing my work! And of course, here it is at a new place... uggg! Maybe I will take the bag of Mother's animal cookies (the pink and white ones with sprinkles) that I have stored away in my basement....
Here are the end results of the cookies, once they got frosted. Yummy -or so I hope!


Jamie said...

True confessions:
your finished product looks okay. one time I was going visitingteaching and it was feb so we decided to make cookies. I was in charge of cookies and so I made sugar cookies. somehow.... I forgot to put the sugar into the cookie dough. I remember tasting them and thinking blah... tastes like a biscuit. That's when I realized I'd left out the sugar. I put ALOT of frosting on them and took them anyway! oops.

Julie said...

Sounds like some of my baking experiences. Those look pretty good. I love frosting on cookies. I miss making cookies. I might make some sugar cookies for valentines day. Oh that sounds good right now. How is your new ward anyway? I hope it's going okay. We miss you guys alot!

The Johnson's said...

OOOH! Don't you hate it when stuff like that happens?!? It ALWAYS happens to me---& it's always when I'm taking food somewhere or when I have people coming over, too. HMPH! I'm glad I'm not the only one that it happens to!

That's SO strange about Amber's hives...Morgan had a bout of hives here 3-4 (or maybe more, I can't remember for sure!) weeks ago & it was the strangest thing. She had BAD hives for about 3-4 days & then they magically went away & haven't come back. We couldn't ever track them back to anything either. WIERD!!

Oh, I can SOO relate to your "guilt" post...MY hard one is Morgan. She is the pusher/fighter/meanie at our house. She never lets things go & she'll say the meanest things to me & they make me feel SO bad. I try to tell myself she's just saying that 'cause she's mad, too but it's hard isn't it?!? I feel better knowing that another AMAZING Mom has these same feelings as me. Just think...maybe one day when she's all grown up she'll have a girl that does the same things to HER & then she'll realize how it feels & appreciate all you are going through. ;)

I hope the rearranging of rooms goes well! We had to split up Morgan & Marcie when we moved here, too. They did the same thing as your girls at our old or fight all night. It's gone great having them split up so hopefully it'll go great for you, too!