Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting Amber to sleep

Why is it such a process to get such a small one to sleep. Tonight was a normal night of getting Amber to sleep. This is typical of all nights. I dread it because it seems to take so Lllllloooooonnnnngggggg! Especially if Robert and I are planning on watching a movie or something after the kids go to bed.

My bigger girls go to bed about 7:30 - 8 or they are suppose to. They don't always stay in bed. Then I start with reading books to Amber alittle after 8 unless she is really tired then we start earlier. Sometimes Samantha is still awake, so I am holding her too while reading to Amber.

Last night I was doing this and then put Samantha to bed and told Amber she could have one more book. (The famous "last one" she always asks for.) I come back downstairs, she has a sweet book "Someday" that we got for Christmas that I just love.... I read this book,

Me: Ok, it is time for bed.
Amber: NO! Last one? (as she starts leaning over the arm of the couch to grab another book out of the book box)
Me: Amber this was our last book.
Amber: No, that was the wrong book. This is the right last book. (holding up a new book)
Me: Ok, but this is REALLY the last one.

I read her ONE more book, then I take her to tell daddy good-night. Then she of course wants something else.

Amber: Last time drink?
Me: Okay. (I fill up her red cup she has been using all day with water.)
Amber: No, I want a blue cup now.
Me: No, you can use this red cup now. Tomorrow you can have a blue cup.
Amber: Okay. (She takes a big drink and is holding her cup)
Me: Are you done? (reaching for her cup)
Amber: (looking around with a funny yet serious face, like she is looking for something) Not quite
Me: (laughing) Not quite? (what 2 year old says, "not quite?")
Amber: I am done now. (handing me her cup)

I take her cup, we head up stairs to put her to bed. I turn on her music which she HAS to have or she will continue to ask for it until I turn it on. Then of course she wants a song.

Amber: Sing Angel by (this would be Angel Lullybye from My Turn On Earth play)
Me: (starting to sing) You came from a land.....
Amber: (interupting me) sing it with Grandma and Grandpa (which basically means she wants me to put them in the song somewhere)
Me: (changing the words to add something about Grandma and Grandpa)
Amber: (interupting again) No, sing little stream
Me: Give said the little stream... (singing the song)
Amber: No BIG stream
Me: Okay, (I change the words to big instead of little and finish the song)
Amber: No do this (as she is clappng her hands together)
Me: (trying to do whatever she is doing and still singing)
Amber: sing Hush don't say a work (this is what she calls Hush Little Baby)
Me: (starting to sing) Hush little baby don't say a word, Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird....
Amber: with grandma and grandpa
Me: Okay (then I change the words instead of Mama's gonna buy you... to Grandma's gonna buy... and Grandpa's gonna buy... switching back in forth between the two. I finish the song.)
Amber: Last time drink?
Me: (getting her the green cup in her room, it is easier to just do it instead of arguing) Okay but this is the last one.
Amber: Sing last time song
Me: What do you want me to sing?
Amber: Wise man. No, follow me. No, twinkle star.
Me: Twinkle, Twinkle, little star (singing)
Amber: No, ABC
Me: A B C D E F G (singing the alphebet)

I finish singing tell her all my good nights, I love you, sleep tights and all that sort of stuff.... and start to walk out of the room.

Amber: Mommy, Sing 5 little monkeys with Grandma and Grandpa
Me: (knowing this is always the LAST song she requests, I decide to go ahead and sing it.) 5 little Grandma's jumping on the bed, one fell off and bonked her head, Grandpa called the dr. and the dr. said.... (she likes to sing with Grandma jumping on the bed and Grandpa calling the dr. and then switch it to Grandpa jumping and Grandma calling... back and forth til the song is done.)
Amber: I love you mommy, good night, sleep tight.
Me: I love you too sweet pie, you sleep tight and I will see you in the morning.
Amber: Ok
Me: I love you!

At last, I am done!! It is now like 9 and the process is over. And yet I realize then what a push over I am and why Amber keeps asking for more and more, because I always (or most the time) do what she wants me to do. But after those sweet "I love you Mommy, sleep tight" it all seems worth the singing and drink getting.

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Jamie said...

we have a similar problem with our boys. Well, really it's only similar in that they take a long time to get to bed. It's really not anything like singing and getting drinks.... They get tucked in and then they either start playing and goofing off loudly, turning on the light, etc or fighitng constantly over the LAMEST things.

I hear us saying things like" if i have to come up there again!!!" and know I'm lost control of my parenting somewhere. but you know... it's the end of the day and we're tired. We're so tired. WE want to unwind and we become pushovers. sigh.