Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soccer is over (well for the girls)

The girls had a great time with soccer!  This was the first time they played it and all three of them looked forward to practice and their games.  The girls had great coaches too.  They look forward to play again in the fall. 

While the girls soccer is over, Robert is on a competive league (Utah Soccer Associate I think) and also on a different co-ed league.  He is no longer on the indoor team but I am sure he will be when the other soccer ends.

Emily is getting ready at Lindsey and Lauren's game.  We had to leave sometimes before theirs was over to get to her game on time.
Emily did all she could to convince someone else to put on her socks... a chore she didn't like to do.
Amber loved sitting in the camp chairs we would bring.  She even loved it more once we got a pink little kids chair.  That was her chair from that point on.
At Emily's game field we always saw airplanes.  Samantha would point them out and then say, "bye airplane!"

I look forward to doing soccer in the fall with the girls too.  That is if they are wanting to still do it.

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** Adrian ** said...

Cute photos!! I bet soccer is so fun to watch!! You won't believe this: I've NEVER been to a soccer game before. I've only watched them on tv. SAD, huh?!? I need to get Wyatt in soccer... he'd love it!! I bet my girls would like it, too.

Sorry again that we had to cancel on you this week. It has been the LONGEST week EVER! All of my kids got Wyatt's stomach bug & it was AWFUL! I must say, having a 2 year old throwing up is NOT FUN!!! I "THINK" (knock on wood!!) we are all over it, so we'll have to try again for this week. Morgan was SOOOOOOOOO disappointed that you guys couldn't come!!

I hope you're doing good & I can't wait to see you & your DARLING girls!!