Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amber's Dance

On Samantha's birthday... we had soccer games for the big girls and also a dance recital for Amber.  It was a busy day.  Amber was all excited about her dance... she wouldn't even take a nap that day.  Poor thing was so worn out by the time dance started at 7pm with no nap and bedtime is early for my girls anyway.  She still did great!
By the way, I made her tutu... cute isn't it!  It had more static electricity than I wanted but forgot to get something for it.  I did rub a dryer sheet on it but it didn't fix it all.
The girls were introduced and then waited for the rest of the girls to come out.  So cute aren't they!!
Amber seemed to be a little off, but she was still fun to watch.
Then something happened and she had a hang nail or something that kept bothering her so she gave attention to her thumb/finger so she wasn't really dancing much.
This is the beginning of the video I put on here... check previous posts for the video.
These are all the girls that were in the class.  Leave it to Amber to make some really silly face instead of looking all nice and cute.  Funny girl.
After I told her to put her fingers down then she was all grumpy and didn't really smile or do what she was suppose to.  I am not sure which was really better.  She is learning too much drama from the older girls.

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