Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the Heart of Samantha

I took Samantha for her annual cario check up.  The hole (or what they think is a hole) remains still.  She is still too young or isn't cooperating enough for an echocardiogram (is that what it is called?) to find out the real problem.  The pitch and sound of the heart beating leads her cardio doctor to believe it is a small hole.  Next year when she is 3 we will do more testing to find out what it is and then what treatment will be and when. 

I called Robert after the appointment, he was anxious to see what we found out.  He asked if everything went okay... I told him kind of... how does a hole in your little babies heart make you feel everything is okay?  Luckily though, she seems to lead a normal healthy life... it isn't keeping her from growing or being active and all.  Just last night she wouldn't come inside, she spent all day outside pretty much trying to ride Emily's scooter and riding other bikes and ride on toys.  She doesn't seem to be winded or out of breath so that is a good sign that her heart problems aren't too bad. 

I can't help but to think of when or if we have to do surgery....  it makes my heart ache.  I know many kids go through it and all is fine.  But my heart aches for it.  It is nice to know others such as a friend (Cindy J.) that has gone through the same thing with her son, and he seems to be doing well. 

I guess now, we just wait until next year for more information on what it going in her Samantha's little heart and if it is something that will self-fix or if we need to talk about other options.  I sure like her doctor though... from Primary Children's... he is great with her!


Jamie said...

I feel like a lame friend. I didn't realize Samantha had this problem with her heart. THings like this are so scary. It's awful not knowing how it will all end up but I'm so grateful on your behalf that everything seems to be going fine so far. love you!

** Adrian ** said...

I know how you feel. When Morgan was a baby they thought she had a heart condition, too. (bi-cuspid aortic valve) They had us bring her to a specialist who thought she actually had a different condition (bicuspid pulmonary valve) & to come back in a year when she could sit still enough for the ultrasound & everything. When we took her back she had either out-grown the condition or didn't have it to begin with. It was a worrisome year over nothing!! I'm sorry that she has a hole in her heart... I wish you could have the same "happy ending" that we had. I would heart-sick over surgery, too. Thank heavens for the miracles of modern medicine!!