Thursday, June 17, 2010

S'mores without the chocolate and grahams

Emily is in California with her Grandparents (Robert's parents) visiting family.  I thought it would be fun to do some fun things with the girls while she was gone.  They haven't complained about not getting to go but I wonder if it will come up later. 

Last year we didn't ever make it camping.  I hope to go camping this year.  My girls are getting older now so it should be easier right?  One of the things the girls LOVE to do when we camp is of course.... make s'mores! 

One day after church Robert had a meeting so we were kind of on our own for dinner.  I told the girls we could cook a hot dog on the fire and then roast marshmallows afterwards.  They liked that idea.

Appearently Samantha didn't go to the nursery so Robert came home a little early to BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers. The girls were alittle upset that we didn't get to do the hot dogs but we still were on for the marshmallows. 

Samantha wasn't interested in marshmallows or roasting anything at all.  Amber was for a small bit but then she was off to play too.  I couldn't find our normal roasting tools, so I refashioned some wire hangers and made some roasting tools.  (I don't like wire hangers in the closet but they are good for some things.)

The girls had a fun time... and maybe next time I will be prepared and have graham crackers on hand.  I did have chocolate bars in the freezer, but didn't tell the girls that. 


wendy said...

We want to camp this year, too--we should go together sometime!

Jamie said...

your grass looks nice and that pic of ?one of the twins, it's the 4th from the top, is so beautiful. I love the marshmallow remnants on her lips and her skin looks like pordelain. It's just a great picture.