Saturday, June 26, 2010

Girls got Baptized

Did I already say I can't believe my twins are 8?  Where did the time go? 

My girls got baptized today, and it was fantastic!  We had lots of family and friends there supporting them, it was so wonderful!  Afterwards we had a little BBQ at our house. 

I am so proud of the girls for making this choice to follow Jesus and be baptized like he was.  It melts my heart!  I was over joyed today with a flood of emotions that I tried to hold back.  As we prayed in preparation for the baptism and talked to the girls about what a wonderful thing this for them, what a special occasion this is. 

What a wonderful day!  I feel bad for Emily because she was feeling a little bad about how not many people came to her baptism.  My parents and 2 of the girls' cousins came from WA for the baptism.  Robert's parents live here now and could attend the baptism. My parents nor Robert's parents were able to attend her baptism.  She of course recognized that and was feeling bad for herself.  Poor thing.  Why is it that she can't see what the wonderful person she is and that she doesn't have to compete with her sisters.  Poor Emily, she is really struggling right now, and in turn.... I am REALLY struggling with her too and her outburst and (as she would say) her odious behavior toward those in our immediate family.

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