Tuesday, April 6, 2010


One time when we went to the zoo we decided to get a Zoo pass for the year.  It is kind of nice because what we paid to get in the zoo that day they took off our annual pass.  For our family, two trips to the zoo pays for an annual pass for our family.  We have since taken advantage of the zoo pass and try to go often.
The weather was great!  The zoo was quiet and and not too many visitors.
In the summer you have to wait and wait to take a picture like this... we didn't wait at all.
The carousel wasn't crowded either, I think there were 2 other people on it when we rode.
Amber and Samantha like to ride the peacock.  Lauren rode a tiger but I couldn't get a picture of her.
Amber wasn't interested in this elephant, and Samantha cried when Emily put her up there.

We played at the playground for a long time too.
The girls had a problem with the crocidile.
Amber was too busy to be with the rest of the girls.
The girls got pretty close to the peacock that was eating crumbs.
Here is Lauren.  Lindsey and Lindsey's pictures were sideways and I couldn't get them turned.  Sorry girls!
Amber's normal pose.
Samantha didn't want to pose at all.  She is such a momma's girl, she doesn't like to be more that a few inches away from me sometimes.  If she hears me say the word go, she freaks out and clings to me.

We had a fun time at the zoo, and I bet we will be going back soon.  We took off on a Monday since it is early out for us.  Emily gets out at 2:30 but I forgot the stroller so we had to go back home... we were leaving the house a few minutes before 3pm and we got home at about 7:30 that night.  We brought a bag of snacks and sandwhiches with us and drinks.  We will probably repeat that again in the near future.

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