Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Words by Lindsey

As we are in the drive thru at Artic Circle for a healthy fast dinner, Lindsey looks at the menu as I am telling them they are getting the $.60 corndogs (on coupon) and Lindsey says, "Hail-BUT who would ever want to eat a Hail-BUT hamburger?  That's gross, Hail-BUT!"

I laughed and told her it was HAL-I-BUT and it was fish.

Lindsey said, "Oh...." as she laughed.  "What if it was HAIR-but, that would be gross too!  I want a Hair-but sandwhich, make that two!"

I don't know that I will look at that word the same again now.  lol


Jamie said...

I agree with Lindsey...
Hail-but or Halibut- either way, GrOSS!!!

The Gubler Family said...

Oh Jamie, You seafood hater you. Halibut is soooo good. But you are right, I will never be able to look at that word the same way again. I wonder how I will pronounce it the next time Richard orders it at a restaurant.