Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Fools

The girls were really into April Fools day this year.  They were joking around and trying to play pranks.  I am not really too big into it, I don't ever do anything for it, other than try to think of something good to get Rob on, but this year I didn't even do that.

I had thought about doing a fake meal or something like that but couldn't think of anything good.  Then I saw this idea of a meatloaf cooked in a cake pan and then frosted with mashed potatoes.  That sounded good enough for me.
I told the girls it was carrot cake and since it was a special day we could have dessert for dinner.  They thought that was pretty good.  Amber wanted to lick the icing knife...  she said, "mmm that's good, but I don't want anymore."

This is what it looked like on the plate.  Pretty good huh!

Robert came home late, he had a soccer game.  The girls had put up some plastic wrap on the way up the stairs for Robert to run into.  Of course he saw it when he came home and asked who I was trying to get.  I told him it was for him.  He asked if the girls were watching...  I went upstairs to have the girls hide while they could see the bottom of the stairs.  Then I called for Robert to come upstairs.  He ran right into the plastic and fell to the ground.  The girls laughed and laughed.  Then of course they wanted him to have a piece of cake. 

I cut him a piece of "carrot cake" which he was a little worried about and took a bite.  He immediately spit it out.  The girls again rolled with laughter.  I heated it up for him and he did eat it after that.  I was wondering why I never made meatloaf before, and as I served him the plate of meatloaf "cake" he said, "I don't really care for meatloaf."  The rest of the fake carrot cake went into the garbage.  What a WASTE!

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Candy said...

I was going to make that exact same thing for dinner on April Fool's Day! but we had somethings come up and well it just didn't happen. Cameron's milk turned blue and Burton's turned red for breakfast though. Fun day!