Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Wedding

I was able to go to Washington (all by myself) for another wedding.  Tristah my neice was getting married to an amazing young man, Travis.  The wedding was gorgeous, Tristah was more beautiful than ever (although that is hard to believe, she is such a pretty girl) and Travis was stunning in a manly way too. 

It was nice to get together with my family and hang out even if we were running from place to place. I wasn't nearly as busy as others were in preparing everything.  All of us girls (excpet my mom and sister Becky) went on a "road trip" as we called it although it was really just going to a rental place for chocolate fountains, Costco, Walmart, and Texaco.  The fun is in the company you are with, not the destination. Although we kind of made my sister Brenda (the mom of the bride) mad because while she was on the phone the 3 of us in the back were goofing around and being too noisy for her.  Ooops!  She kind of yelled at us, good thing that was near the end of our road trip. 

I was able to see one of my favorite friends and her little familiy.  She has twin 2 year olds, they are just a month older than Samantha.  They were fun to hang out with, but wish I could have seen her again.  (That's the bad thing about a short trip.)  I also was able to see my sister Becky which lots of times I don't get to see her when I am in WA.  I stopped by her house and stayed for about an hour and a half.  I also got to visit with her two daughters who I don't see as often. 

The weekend was fun for me.  I think Robert having the kids may not have had the same fun weekend.  (He did have his mom and sometimes his dad here to help him.)  There were a few problems while I was gone and I felt helpless being so far away when I would hear about them.  I was sad when I couldn't be there to comfort my girls when they needed it. 

It was really weird being alone while in Washington.  I always kept feeling like I should be doing something...  making food for someone, cleaning up, dressing little girls, putting kids to bed... all those daily things which I do everyday but didn't do for the whole weekend.  It was strange but in a nice way.  I really needed the getaway...  I left Thrusday evening and got back home Monday night.

Although almost each day I did something out of my character...  I bought cigarettes one day for my sister-in-law that didn't have her ID with her, the next day on our "road trip" I purchased some beer in a group purchase I paid for, and then on Sunday the shoes I had were too big and there was no way I could help out at the wedding with such sloppy shoes, so I bought shoes on a Sunday.  It was rather funny when I was carded for the beer... I (jokingly) got all annoyed...."I don't think I have ever been carded in my whole life, are you serious?  You need my ID?"    Of course I have never been carded... I don't buy alcohol or tobacco products normally. 

Now I am plotting to plan a wedding for one of my other neices or nephews or perhaps my sister who isn't married or my brother who is still single...  I am thinking a nice fall wedding would be good, maybe October again or November would work too.  I am game for it!  If only I could find someone for them to marry.  I will have to work on that one.

It was great to spend the weekend with my parents and my brothers and sisters... which I miss each time I leave to come back home... if only Utah and Washington weren't so far away from each other.  I miss my family!

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wendy said...

I'm glad you had such a great time!! I have been meaning to call and ask how it was, but it's been crazy week over here. Let's chat soon!!