Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amber and Samantha

Samantha is pretty excited about the little potty... not that she has gone potty in it yet but she continually gets naked and then sits on the potty and says she is going potty. She will also take her baby dolls and other stuffed animals to the potty to have them go potty too. 

A few days ago I tried to get Samantha to go potty, and she sat there but didn't do anything.  She got off still having no diaper on and she went into the kitchen.  I left her for a bit without a diaper thinking I would try her again in a few minutes to see if she would go for me.

I guess I waited too long.  Samantha said, "uh-oh, mess" which I knew meant she went potty on the floor.  Luckily it was on the tile.  I cleaned it up.  Amber heard me talking to Samantha about going potty on the floor. 

A bit later I had gotten a glass of ice water and some of the ice fell onto the floor which I picked up, or thought I picked it all up.  Amber stepped in some of the melted ice on the floor.  She let out a big grumbly angry sigh and turned to Samantha, "did you just go potty on my leg Sam?" 

Samantha looked at Amber and did her famous, "uhhuh."

I corrected them both and told her it must have been my ice. 

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