Saturday, April 10, 2010

The mind of a 3 yr old

The girls and I met Robert for dinner at Wingers last night before we did a bit of shopping at Costco.  Samantha is trying so hard to be a big girl... just like Amber.  Samantha didn't want to sit in a high chair, she wanted her own "chair" like Amber's booster seat.  I switched hers out and to my suprise she was great with it. 

Samantha is also such a mamma's girl right now.  I took Amber to the bathroom and Samantha just screamed when I left, I had to take Samantha too.  When we leave the kids with a babysitter I sneak out if I can or Samantha will cry and make me feel so bad for leaving her.  If I have my shoes on she goes and gets her boots on in fear that I am going and she will be left behind. 

Back to dinner last night...  we are sitting there and I am on the edge sitting by Samantha in her booster and then Amber is next to her in Amber's booster.  A group came sat in the booth next to ours and they had a adorable little girl probably around 9-12 months old.  She was just a cutie!  Big dark, bright eyes, dark hair.  She had a cute little outfit on and then a headband with a flower on it.  Samantha noticed the "baby" as she calls any little child her age or younger.  The little girl waved at Samantha and Amber.  We were talking about the little girl and I was pointing out her pretty eyes and hair, shoes, flower, and other details of the little girl.

Then Amber said, "I wish we had a cute baby like that.  Maybe we could get rid of Sam and then we could have that cute baby and they could have Sam." Then Amber turned to Samantha and said something like, "You okay with that Sam!"

It cracked me up, but at the same time I know Amber would really miss Samantha.  They play together all day long chasing each other and sharing for the most part.  Although they do have their moments of enemy like relations but my older girls do that too. 


Jamie said...

so cute. They are going to love that story in years to come. my kids are still asking for a baby.......
They'll have to wait for Carly I think and settle for neices and nephews but please not for about 7-8 years.

Jamie said...

so i had to come back and comment to tell you I told this story at dinner today and everybody got a good laugh over it.

"you okay with that Karla?"

Candy said...

LOL oh they are so funny and cute!

Roberts Family said...

That is hilarious! I'm glad you are writing these things down. I started a journal for each of mine in microsoft word and it is so fun to go back and read some of the things they said and did! Good for you!