Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something new

I have seen this before so I thought, I would try it. Shortly after we moved, I went to an enrichment activity for RS Birthday dinner, and some of us brought cakes. I had nothing pretty or special to bring my cake on, so I covered a cardboard piece (like I normally do) with aluminum foil and took that. I saw so many pretty cake stands and told myself I was going to get one. A few months passed and I saw an add for Target I think having a cake stand on sale. I bought it! Then I saw someone that made their own.

You take a glass plate and a glass dish... candle stick holder, vase, sundae cup, milk shake glass, or thick stemmed wine type glass. (The one on the left is a candle stick holder and then a vase on the right. I got them at the dollar store along with the glass plates. I had looked at DI and Savers but didn't see much there.)
Then I got some apoxy type glue for glass... (which I got really for my side mirror on my car that I broke this morning... oops, hope Robert doesn't notice the shattered mirror, although the girls did when I took them to school.) There is a glue called E6000 or something like that at home improvement stores you could use. I picked up mine at Smiths. It was like $3 something. After you wash and dry the glass pieces you turn the plates upside down, and put the "stands" on the bottom of the plate. Use a wet q-tip to clean up any extra glue. My glue said it would set in 5 minutes, but then to not use it for 20 minutes.
Then you have some new cake stands.... I am excited to use them, I almost made some cupcakes just to use them. So it costs about $2 without glue and about $6 if you count the glue.

I kind of ruined my glue and couldn't save it so I was thinking of what else I could use it for. Then I remembered another project I had seen and wanted to do and hadn't done yet. I had bought a stairs banister rod (I am not really sure what to call it) from Home Depot for like $2.40 I think. I then bought a cup and saucer at Savers for $1.49 for the pair. I made the bottom of the banister become the top of my stand and then sawed it to make it level. I then glued my cup to the saucer and the saucer to the stand/banister. I put the banister in the ground first so it would hold the cup up.

Now all I need to do is put bird seed in the cup and I have a cute little bird feeder in my front flower bed. I hope my cat doesn't catch on to the idea or his own bird feeder... one that he gets to feed off the birds. (cost about $4 without glue) I have also seen where they cup and saucer is screwed into the pole... or using a copper rod or tubing I think is what it was called. I still have another banister, thought I would maybe do this as a gift perhaps too. Yeah, Robert has a birthday coming up... he would LOVE it! I have also seen this with the fancier china dishes, but I wanted something more casual. I don't really like the white banister, I will have to do something with that still... still thinking. Maybe just paint or maybe just sanding will make it look more rustic.


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Wow Martha Stewart... I am impressed. I wish I could get motivated to do fun stuff like this. I want to pull my sewing machine out but can't find the motivation. I think I need to hang out with you for a day and I would probably find it. :)

ChasingChasey said...

Very clever!! I think I am going to try the cake plate thing!! Thanks for the tip!