Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amber eating dinner

Amber is one that hardly ever eats... She is always saying she isn't hungry and she's a small portion eater. I think sometimes all she eats in a day is a few crackers, a few slices of cheese or meat and a few cups of chocolate milk (which I normally use like instant breakfast or something to add vitamins in there for her). On occasion she will eat cereal for breakfast, or even yogurt (if I freeze it). Normally she is just too busy to eat. She will sometimes eat lots of fruit, like 2 small (11 oz size) cans of mandarin oranges or a normal sized can of pears or peaches. If we have bananas, she may eat half a banana. Many times I fix her food and think she has eaten it, but only to find Samantha with Amber's food. It is nice of her to share. :>

The other night, we had spaghetti for dinner, and she was crazy with it... eating it up like it was -- well it maybe have been -- the first thing she ate that day. She not only ate hers, then had seconds, and then she crawled up to Lauren's spot and ate Lauren's uneaten portion since Lauren didn't eat it.

I cut up Amber's noodles into little pieces as I did for Samantha to eat them better. Lauren's weren't cut up and the twins told Amber how to slurp up the noodles. She seemed to catch on pretty quick. I was meaning to just get a picture of her, and how messy she was... her hands and face where just a mess! But then she stood there with a noodle hanging out of her mouth so I thought I better video it. (Although my normal video camera was in an unknown location, I used my normal camera so if the video has a bad resolution, that is why.)


wendy said...

That's awesome, Karla!

I haven't thought of a date yet because I forgot how close the tax extension due date is, and we have to get cooking! After October 15th, okay?

Marie said...

Spagetti is messy :)
We used to have to strip our youngest down to her diaper while she ate because she was such a messy eater...and still is, but we don't take off all her clothes anymore.