Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture Day for Lindsey and Lauren

Today was an early morning for the twins, since they both wanted their hair curled. Lauren was going to wear a different dress adn then for some reason at the last minute decided not to wear it. I was kind of bummed, but it is her picture I suppose. Lindsey couldn't find her dress so she picked out a different one too, until I helped her find her dress. I was glad we found it because the dress she was going to wear wouldn't have been my choice at all.

You can kind of see the size of their school here. The school is 2 floors, and the girls both have classes on the second level which they really like. The lunch is on the main floor, and the library is next to Lauren's class on the second level. The school is still going through some major construction and it wasn't till last night that they had extra chairs. They had a meeting and wanted every one to come to the meeting 10 minutes or so earlier to unbox the chairs so they would have chairs to sit on. Lauren has been going to computers, but the funny thing about it, is that they DON'T have computer yet, they haven't arrived yet or something, I am not sure the whole reasoning. I asked what she does in computers, she said, "We talk about what we would do on our computers and then play a game."

The girls yesterday after school made a picture for their teacher. They were pretty creative with them. I thought I should get a picture of the girls before the day was over and also a picture of their real smiles. It seems like for school pictures they always have this funny weird looking smile. The picture below is their REAL smiles, which looks really cute compared to the ones I end up getting for school pics after paying $18 a piece for them.

I hope the girls smiled good this year!
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Jamie said...

so cute!
Just got Carly's pictures back. I usually am disappointed with her picctures but this year they were stunning. It's nice to be surprised in a good way after laying out your $18. Jacob's are tomorrow. Wish him luck for a nongoofy smile!

Your girls look adorable in YOUR photo. Good job.