Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Samantha 15 month check up

I already filed Samantha's papers from her 15 month old appointment, so I can't remember the exact %tile that she is. At her appointment she measured 30 inches tall, which is like in the 35% or something low like that for girls. She is now 23lbs, which is only 3 lbs less than Amber. I think she is like in the 50% for weight and I can't remember what her head measurement was but it was in the 80% somewhere. If she were a horse...one would say she doesn't have a good composition - too short, too big of a head, and her weight not being balanced to it all. I guess it is a good thing she isn't a horse.
She is talking more and more. She loves to say, "uh-oh" when something falls. She has mastered "hi" for months now. Lots of times now when she says, "hi" she will have her hand up to her ear like she is on the phone. She says our cats name (GATO) and will say "kitty" and sometimes she says the girls' names, I guess. It is hard to understand her but she will say some babbling when they come down the stairs and say HI with it. She loves bananas and will even say, "banana" and use a sign language for it. She will sign a few other things like milk, more, thank you, and cracker (she says cracker also). She of course says the "mama" and "daddy" and has started saying, "grandma" but can't think of how she says it.

She still isn't walking, but I am not overly concerned. Dr. said if she isn't walking by 16 months, then call Kids on the Move and have her evaluated. I am thinking she will walk by then, but I have been thinking for the last 4 months that she will be walking anytime.

Samantha also had her appointment with her cardio specialists at Primary Children's. They couldn't really get a good listen because she wouldn't sit still for them to listen. She kept taking the stethoscope off her chest and giving it back to the Dr. The Dr. suggested to wait another year and check her then. Her EKG was fine, so he didn't think there was a reason to worry right now. He does want to do a echo cardiogram when she is older and will sit still for it. As of now, she won't sit for it so if they did it they would have to sedate her and there are risks in that because she is still young, so they have decided to wait and give it another year or so. When we went to the normal doctor he couldn't get a really good listen either of her heart.
Meanwhile.... Samantha has learned to open the gate, and will crawl upstairs and then crawl back down too. I am ready to take the gate away since it is just in the way for the rest of us and it isn't keeping Samantha downstairs anyway. She cracks me up... she will go through the gate, stand on the other side of it, close it and just laugh and laugh and laugh, like she is so funny and tricky getting through the gate. I need to get it on video one of these times she does it. She sure is fun, between her and Amber we are smiling and normally laughing all day long.

Like when Samantha plays in the toilet... not that it happens alot, only a few times so far! :) Lindsey wasn't too happy that her dog was in the toilet. It did wash up pretty good.

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