Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monsters again...

For the last week, it never fails... at about 4 to 4:30 am Amber starts yelling for me. She no longer is calling for Lindsey who rooms with her, maybe because Lindsey has been too tired to wake up, or maybe because Amber just wants her mama.

It is quite a startling thing to wake up to hear your little one screaming out in a horrible cry. Once I realize that is probably just a monster issue again, I am relieved a bit that it isn't something more serious. "They're coming.... do you see the light, (the night light is flickering a bit) it is freaking me out, the monsters are coming. I want to go to your bed, get me out of here!"

A part of me wants to laugh, but then the other part is too tired to laugh. Yet it is very real to Amber so probably laughing wouldn't be good. Again, last night she climbed into my bed, and talked for quite awhile... asking for water, asking for snacks, asking for TV, or to go downstairs. Part of me would like to send her downstairs, turn the TV on and leave her so I could go back to bed. But that doesn't feel right to do to my little girl.

She was having problems and then they all ended for about 3 or 4 days and now we are going through them again.... It makes it worse on those nights that Samantha decides to wake up too. Luckily she doesn't normally wake up more than maybe twice a week at the most.

Unfortunately, these said monsters are effecting her nap during the day too. She will wake prematurely, crying, and trying to open the door. Poor baby! I wish I had a better solution. I tried cleaning the girls' room so she could see clearly what was and wasn't in her room, and that is when they started to go away. They are back again, and the room is still clean. Amber will even say there is a monster in her room when she is awake too. I am thinking it might be part of Emily telling her about monsters in the day.... I may have to talk to Emily AGAIN!

What have you done when your child has had nightmares or night frights to help them go away? Or settle them down?


** Adrian ** said...

I sooo feel for you with this. Marcie had night terrors for years. She dreamed about SPIDERS! They were in her bed & were going to get her. She'd cry out & I'd go running in her room to find her trying to swat them off of her pillow & bed. I'd feel SOO bad!! With her it was really hard because she'd only wake up about halfway, so I couldn't really do much to help her since she wasn't really awake. I'd just sit by her & talk to her & rub her back or arms until she calmed down. They were always the worst if she hadn't had a good nap during the day. One thing I've heard of doing is to get a spray bottle & put some water with food coloring in it & call it "monster spray"! Then before bedtime (or maybe early in the morning when it's still bedtime!) spray her room with it & tell her that it keeps Monsters from being able to come in her room. I hope she gets over it soon. It's tough, isn't it?!? On her AND on YOU! GOOD LUCK!!! ;)

Jamie said...

I was going to suggest the monster spray too..
we used that one and it helped.
I hope you find something that helps. It is SO not fun to be woken up by a terrified child night after night.

Candy said...

I am so behind in my blog reading but I thought I would give you my solution. (ignore if it is not a problem any more.)

The boys and I have made signs that say "No monsters allowed" and then they color them and tape them to their door. I know it seems really simple but it has worked for both of my boys. Then I just remind them that the monsters can't come 'cuz they have a sign now. It also works great for going to grandma's house.

I like the monster spray but probably would not put food coloring in it cause it might stain when sprayed. Maybe just use a cool colored spray bottle.