Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clean Rooms vs. Oreos & Chapstick

I am trying to be productive this morning... I am in a cleaning mood and so I decide I will tackle all the girls rooms and if I have time left, I know there are still some boxes downstairs to be emptied.

I am upstairs with Samantha, in her and Lauren's room cleaning ...putting clothes in the hamper, putting things away, hanging up dresses, changing bedding, making beds, hanging up wall art.... those sorts of things. Samantha is talking to me sitting on the bed and playing with some toys. I am also going through the closet getting rid of things the girls don't wear or that are too small. All done, and I put Samantha down for a nap.

I go into Lindsey and Amber's room.... what a MESS! I am not sure where to start. I start by picking up a pile of like 7 blankets off the floor and put them away. I make Lindsey's bed, put some of Amber's clothes away, put away some stuffed animals on the now cleaned off dresser. I look into Amber's crib and I see a yellow unicorn. Not sure, but this may be the "yellow monster" that has been trying to bite her at night. I hide it away in the closet and see if that will work for tonight. (Having a 2-1/2 year old in your bed, or even in your room isn't real great on the marriage relations, when we are winding down talking about the days events and what tomorrow will bring, and Amber pipes in about seeing a praying mantis eat another praying mantis what she did today and this or that or wanting to go to the zoo tomorrow.)

By this time Amber is back upstairs asking me to turn on Little Einsteins for her downstairs. I am kind of surprised she made it that long without asking for them. (That should have been my first clue...) I finish up the room, and take some dishes downstairs. I notice Amber is stinking, so I begin to change her diaper. I also notice she smells like my Burt's Bees chap stick... not again! She has an abundance of it all over her face and her hands are pretty greasy feeling too. I finish up the diaper process and throw her diaper away and see my chap stick empty and in the garbage. I wash my hands and see the site.... 17 Oreo cookies on the counter, with the creme inside scraped and licked off. Then I see 2 more on the floor. Bummer, I should have put those cookies away after making lunches this morning. I thought about saving the cookie part of it and then had a picture in my mind of how Amber eats the inside out.... and decided they all must go in the garbage.

I guess it is kind of a trade off, I got some work done this morning and some more cleaning to do, or more shopping perhaps. For the most part, my morning has been pretty good. I suppose there always is opposition in all things.


Jamie said...

oh man... it is always cause to worry when they're too quiet and letting you get stuff done. but I like the way you decided to look at it, as a trade-off. You got something you wanted... she got something she wanted but why didn't she pick the cheap $1 chapstick.. not the nice "burt's bee's $3 a tube stuff.
She's a woman of taste I guess.

I think I'd like 17 oreos right now but only if the cream filling is INTACT!

Anonymous said...

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