Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was making dinner tonight, hamburgers and hot dogs for the little ones. I had to wash my good skillet and lid since we used it last night and dishes were all caught up (for once) before dinner.

As I was finishing washing the lid, I quickly seasoned my patties in the skillet. To my horror, I put sprinkled on Italian Seasoning instead of Montreal Steak seasoning. I quickly pulled the patties out and washed them off. Some how I had grabbed the wrong container, although they were the same shape and size and even brand. Definitely not the same though. I remembered thinking it seemed really light for being half full... I know why now.

As I was laughing at myself for doing this... I was remembering a time several years ago when we had gone to have dinner with Rob's grandma and grandpa. She normally cooks wonderful things, it all looks good, smells good, and tastes wonderful! Many times their youngest son (Uncle Glen) would come over for dinner too. This particular night she was making Taco Soup. It was like most other meals, smelled good, looked good, and was going to taste good. She then told us that she accidental had mistaken cinnamon for the cumin that the recipe called for. (Her eyes aren't what they use to be I guess.) That made a HUGE difference in the soup. I can still hear Uncle Glen (who has passed on now) laughing and saying, "it's like dinner and dessert in the same meal." We still all ate the soup and I think many had seconds on it too. That is one of those memories I hope not to fade away.

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Amy Sorensen said...

You should have just left the seasoning on and called them Italian burgers! Mozarella instead of cheddar? ;)

It was fun to see you on Saturday! I'm still not sure I managed to teach anything helpful, but there you go!