Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting ready for Ragnar

Okay so the first two pictures have nothing to do with the Ragnar, but they were sunsets from the beginning of July 2011.  This is looking out the front of our house.  So cool huh!  It looked so much better in person.
 For Ragnar it isn't uncommon to see crazy costumes and crazy decorated cars.  Robert was getting ready for his Ragnar race and he was looking for some good costume ideas.  He was looking for wigs and all that.  The girls were helping him with the wigs he found. 
 Robert got some cool pink sunglasses to go with the pink wig.  Then one of the girls tried out the crazy wild black hair.  She felt like a rock star!  I think Robert found some fun glasses to go with this one too. 
 Amber looks a little funny with this hat and wig combo.  You gotta love her poses.
After all that digging in the costume box, finding matching glasses at the store....  Robert forgot all about bringing it, so he didn't even use them.  Too bad, it was good stuff!  Maybe some other race time.

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