Monday, June 11, 2012

For the Love of Cousins

Going back in time... back of course to the popular July 2011 time frame, while we were visiting our family in Washington, my mom had a retirement party.  She started working at the school as long as I can remember.  I remember in kindergarten, she would come in to play the piano for music time.  I think she was hired on the year after that maybe when my younger brother started kindergarten.  She has gone through the whole circle of having kids of the kids she taught in kindergarten.  She will be missed, and she will miss doing it too. 

The kids kind of got bored greeting people they didn't know, or at least my kids did.  When it was clean up time, my kids or should I say Amber went crazy.  She wouldn't leave poor Thomas alone.  She kept hugging him and hanging on him and following him around.  I think it was okay with it for the most part.  He was a good sport.  Amber sure loves him!

 It was hard to get a normal picture of Amber not choking or squeezing Thomas.  Emily and Thomas are about the same age, just 2 or 3 weeks difference in age.

 Lindsey and Lauren where loved by Destiny.  It seemed natural that Destiny wanted to play with the older girls than the younger ones (Samantha and Amber).
 Parker really liked Amber too.  It was funny to see him pull her down and try to love on her.  Amber was good with it and she enjoyed playing with Parker too.... when Thomas wasn't available.

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