Monday, June 11, 2012

WA Ragnar July 2011

For the last few years Robert has been a part of the WA Ragnar team, Running on Fumes.  It is an Ultra team which means they have 6 people instead of 12 and they run basically 2x the amount.  The first year it was a huge challenge since one of the guys didn't ever show up so they were now a 5 man team running what 12 people typically run.  Most the years he enjoys it and looks forward to doing it again. 

This is at the starting line.  This is the team all ready to go.  Robert this year was runner #1, so he started the race from the start line. 
 Even though he looks all ready to go and all, he was super nervous, as he is with most of the start of his races.  I am not sure what he is ever nervous about... he always does better then he thinks he will do. 
 It kind of looks low key at the starting line compared to the starting line in Utah, so that is what I hear.  I haven't ever really been to the starting line of the one in Utah so I couldn't tell you for sure. 
He is quite a running machine! 

It's always kind of bitter sweet when he comes up for the race.  It means several things, a night usually alone with him, which is a nice little get away after a long vacation and a long time being gone/away from my hubby.  It also means that our time is just about over being in Washington with family which makes me sad and kind of lonely.  I usually also stay up North with my sisiter and brother until the race is over which is always fun.  We usually get together with our other sister that lives near by too. 

When the Ragnar is over, I have a few more days until we normally head back home.  Since we moved to the West side of the lake, it never felt like I was coming home.  This year it did feel like I was coming home.  It only took nearly 3 years to feel like it is home.  That is a nice feeling, even if I am leaving my "home" with the family I grew up with, I take my own little family back to our own home. 

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