Monday, June 11, 2012

Last bit of July 2011 stuff

The weather wasn't the greatest while we were in Washington, last year in July 2011.  The kids didn't complain much about it really.  There was not much pool time for some.  Others just swam in the rain.  We also rode horses in the rain one time too.  Toward the end of our trip, it warmed up a bit and was nice enough to float the river.  Robert was able to go too.  It was our first float of the year and it was late July.  Unfortanetly I didn't get any pictures of that, or I don't remember taking pictures.  The kids do love the teeter totter or as Amber calls it, the "up and down."

They couldn't find the battery charger for this little 4-wheeler, so instead they got a rope and pulled it around from place to place.  Sometimes someone had to push from behind too. 

One day my mom's sister, Aunt Linda invited the girls and I up for a weenie roast and to also do ceramics.  She has all sorts of cool stuff to do ceramics with.  Great ideas and patterns and all.  The girls had a lot of fun doing it.  They also got to take home some Christmas ornaments that my Aunt Cleo had.  Linda got all that stuff after Aunt Cleo passed away.  It is pretty special having a little bit of Aunt Cleo hanging on our tree.  The girls still need to paint them.  I accidently misplaced them until just recently.  We will get them ready for this years tree.
These are the things the girls made, Lindsey did a bird dish kind of thing and Lauren made an elephant.  The little girls made several christmas tree decorations too. 
 Emily made a dish and a plate.  I made a bowl I think, but I didn't get a picture of it. 

 The girls decided that Aunt Linda was pretty cool, that is the same opinion I have of her too.  My girls also had a fun time with Linda's dog, Abbie.  She would run around and fetch the things the girls would throw for her. 

 It was kind of cold, but we roasted hot dogs anyway.  Aunt Linda made a few salads I think too.  My parents came up and we all had a great time.  It seems like lots of times when I come to Washington, I don't get to see my mom's side of the family that much.  It seems silly since they are all so close, but for whatever reason we don't plan or make plans to get together.  We really should, it is always fun when we do.

Poor Abbie, all worn out!
 Aunt Linda also told the girls to go pick some strawberries.  The girls picked lots and then came up and whispered to me that they would like to make her a deseret to say thank you and use her strawberries.  They were so cute giving her this little cake they made with strawberries. 

 Aunt Linda said that if the girls didn't pick them, the birds just come and eat them.  The girls took advantage of that and picked them and ate them right there too. 
After the day was over, my girls asked if they could invite Aunt Linda to come to our house.  There was talk of her bringing my mom's piano to our house, which the girls loved the whole idea... having the piano and having Linda come too.  Linda said she would be bringing her dog, and the girls were totally okay with that too!  I think that Marley and Abbie would be good friends. 

I am sure glad that the girls and I were able to visit so many people and to also do so many things.  Even just sitting at the house with my parents is so enjoyable, most the time my siblings come spend time there too so it is a perfect situation. 

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