Sunday, June 10, 2012

July 2011 PPF Stuff

While we were in Washington, visiting family, the girls got ahold of my camera (they did ask me) and took a bunch of pictures all over the place.  I at first thought they were just a bunch of pictures to delete, and some are... such as the picture looking up the horses dripping nose.  But as I was sifting through these pictures, I thought they mean something to the girls.  I think my pictures would be of different things, but these are my girls memories or things that they enjoy or wanted to remember about Grandma and Grandpa's place also known as Pony Poop Farm (PPF).
 This is the pond that is behind the house, right outside the window in the family room.  I am pretty sure there were little tadpoles in there, so my Mom forbid my dad to clean it out in fear of killing those little baby frogs.  The bamboo grows crazy too back there.
 This is the "Creepy Tree" and it is across the road from the house.  It is on the horse trail.  Isn't it a crazy tree?  It is what the kids call the creepy tree and you can see why!
 This is a little playhouse, it has gone through many stages and phases... it use to have a zipline at the top, that was before the trees were logged.  It sits at the back of all the playground equipment.  The kids have spent many hours in and out of that little house.  It was used mostly for the older grandkids, it was more ran down by the time my little ones were old enough to use it.
 Of course since the horses are a favorite of the girls, it is understandable that the tack room would make an impression and needing a picture.  This is the tack room that has all the horse supplies, from saddles to food to brushes to medicine.

 This is the BAD DOG doghouse.  The poor little dog is still chained up on top of the dog house.  I think he has been there since like 2009 or maybe even before. 
 My mom LOVES, loves, LOVES, roses!  She has some that are just gorgeous and others that smell soooo good!  My girls love to look at them and pick out the ones they like the best.  Each year they decide which one is their favorites.
 These are the swinging bars, They have been used to swing in to the pool, to get on or off the horses, and also just to go around on.  My upper body strength never allowed me to do much swinging on them. 
 Of course this is a favorite sign on Grandpa's barn, uh-- Grandpa's shop.
Pony Poop Farm wouldn't be complete without the peacocks.  They have resided there along time, not always the same ones, but usually there has been one residing there over the last decade or so.


wendy said...

I sure wish we'd made it to PPF. I'm so glad the girls got to take some pictures and that you have so many wonderful memories there. I love the new family picture!! Hope you are well!

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