Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rose Gardens Sept 2011

2011/2012 we had a membership to Thanksgiving Point.  I think the thing the girls liked the best was the Gardens.  They were beautiful.  Emily even took my phone around taking pictures and also getting names of different plants she would like to get for our own house.  The girls had a great time.  It was hardly even busy, we saw a few people but it wasn't bad.  The weather was nice and warm but not too hot.  It was perfect!
 Going into the Rose Garden.....
Amber is such a picture person, she is always saying "take a picture of this" or "now this picture" she is pretty funny with it.  Samantha likes it too but she isn't demanding or requesting pictures, she just smiles nicely when I tell her to.

 These two girls are great friends too.  There was a time that I felt really sad for Amber who was just a baby it seemed herself when we brought a new baby home from the hospital.  It has turned out great, but I felt really quilty not having that special time with her.  I guess as a mom, no matter how things work out, maybe not matter what, I would always feel bad that I didn't do something better. 

 Emily is getting to that age where she really doesn't want her picture taken.  I find also that because she kind of avoids the camera or doesn't ask for those pictures like some of the other girls do, I don't have as many pictures of her.  We will go some where and when I look through pictures later, I don't have any of Em or any good ones of her being happy looking.  She sure is a helper for me, and very thoughtful and considerate... when she chooses to be.  (I think that is the teenager in her getting ready to take over.)
 Lauren was smelling all the roses trying to see which ones smelled the best. 
 Lindsey was happy to get her picture taken in the Rose Garden.
 Isn't she so pretty!  That girl Emily is just a beauty, she has the best smile too, when you can catch her smiling and not rolling her eyes at you.  I miss that Emily in the picture here. 

 It looks like these girls were up to no good.  They can be a bit of trouble sometimes, they seem to find trouble easily. 
 Amber sure is lucky to have such wonderful sisters, Emily is so great with her, and Lindsey and Lauren are big helpers too.
 Emily is taking pictures in the Rose Garden.  This part of the garden reminded me so much of my mom, who LOVES roses.  Such wonderful varieties and colors.

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