Monday, January 9, 2012

Time, time, time

I am so far behind again...  on posting all the events of our little family.  I think for the most part I am still back in May.  How did that happen?  I hope this week to get a little more caught up.  My list to do is long, and unfortunately blogging, is towards the bottom of the list.  I hope to get some more done soon, even though the stuff I will post will be pretty much "old stuff" I will feel better getting it down and wierdly, I feel like I can't do anything current until I catch up from where I left off.  Stuff to look forward to hearing more about:

  • 3 yr old birthday
  • 9 yr old double birthday
  • end of school
  • soccer
  • Garden trip
  • WA trip
  • Camping
  • back to school
  • birthday for a 5 yr old
  • halloween
  • Thanksgiving in CA
  • Christmas
  • and more too!
Check back often, I hope you won't be disappointed in all our "old" news.


wendy said...

I have been thinking about you today (well, a lot lately, really)! If I picked up the phone, though, I'm afraid it would be met with intense rebellion, so I'll have to call another time. Know you're on my mind!

Shaunells Hair said...

FIVE GIRLS!! That's impressive. That's a whole lotta hair my friend! Just wanted to say hey and thanks for following! Just posted a new hair video today. Take care! :)

Becki said...

I miss you lady!!! Hope things are good for you and your cute girls!!!

Jamie said...

can't wait!!!!!