Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laundry is piling up

On night I tried to turn my barely over a year old dryer on, and it made an awful noise.  We called for repair, they looked at it had to order a part and then resceduled to fix it once the part arrived.  The problem wasn't just for that week without a dryer but it was that the day after the repair, we were leaving for Washington for several weeks. 

I felt like the laundry mat was the answer.  I had washed towels and bedding and just hung them around on chairs and the stair banister to dry.  I couldn't see hanging up a load of little girls clothes all around to dry.
The girls that went with me had a super time. 

They helped me fill washers and dryers and Lindsey found like $17 in a washing machine.  (Turned out it was Robert's.)  I figured since I was mass washing I might as well wash and dry.  I had washed about 3 loads before going to the laundry mat.

We got in trouble for riding around in the carts.  We ended up washing 8 loads of clothes and drying 11 loads.  What a releif to have them all done at the same time.  Maybe I should invest in several more washer and dryers for my own home. 

All the laundry got done before our trip!  And my dryer got fixed before my trip too...but I didn't really need it for another several weeks.