Tuesday, November 1, 2011

May Birthdays

I feel so bad that it has taken me this long to do the girls birthdays! May was a crazy month, then June went fast and next thing, it was July and I was on vacation! It seems like the months since that have even been faster.  I will attempt to catch up...  but it may take a while....

Samantha wanted a pink cake, and pink frosting, and she requested sqaure shape.  Easy enough.
Samantha turning 3 made me wonder what has happened in the last 3 years, how could she be 3 already?  I remember when I went to the hospital with her, 2 days before the Twin's birthday party that we had planned.  Had to cancel that party, we weren't even home yet.  Poor girls had to wait awhile for the party.

Samantha went upstairs right before her "party" (a.k.a. singing to her, blowing out candles, and opening up presents) and came back down in a total different outfit, which is the one she has on in the pictures. 
When I asked her why she changed, she looked at me and said, "Mommm-- I had to get ready for my birthday!"  Funny girl!
She enjoyed opening up her presents and finding all her treasures inside. 

Lindsey and Lauren share a birthday together which is just 6 days after Samantha's birthday.  Wierd thing about it, my due date for the twins was June 11th same due date for Samantha, but Samantha ended up coming even earlier than the twins.  Weird huh!

Lindsey wanted a soccer ball cake and Lauren chose a football cake.  Lauren likes to play football at recess at school.  Maybe it is just catch with the football.  Although that was last year for 3rd grade, maybe now that she is in 4th grade things are different.

These two girls crack me up!  Lindsey has a funny, silly personality.... but also very thoughtful of others.
Lauren can be silly too but is normally more compassionate and loving toward others and their feelings.
The girls turned 9 this year... at each birthday I find it hard to believe as I think back on the day they were born, I am suprised that time has moved so quickly.

And it makes me miss my little babies.... how much they needed me, how dependent they were on ME, and now I am no longer the center of their life, but more of an accessory.  I am afraid it will get more and more like that as the years continue on.

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