Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hair Cut time!

School is getting ready to start, so of course Lindsey wanted to get all ready with a hair cut. Of course since she was having one, Lauren wanted on, then Samantha wanted one, and also A...m....b......e......r wanted one. I can hardly say it. It killed me to cut Amber's hair. Although her hair is SO SO SO tangley, and its to long and uneven. She has been asking for awhile. Like I told Robert, Emily asked for her hair cut in Kindergarten, and since then she has left it for the most part long. Lindsey and Lauren like their hair shorter, and I say why not let them have their hair the way they want it, within reason of course.

So get ready for the shocker.... Poor Rob, I think I should have called and prepared him for the shock of her hair being short! Lauren was wanting her hair cut too, but then I guess she told Robert last night that she wanted to grow it longer. Who knows?

Lindsey at Pony Poop Farm

Lindsey after her hair cut
Lindsey again! She has a nice way of smiling...
Funny Lindsey!
Samantha got a hair cut too, but it was more just evening out the edges from when I cut it before. She was satisfied with the small cuts I did.
Amber before her hair cut. Notice how uneven her hair is.
You can see how long it is from the front...all that hair growing for the last almost 5 years! 

Look how cute it is and how happy she is!
This was before she even looked in the mirror!
Then she sees her hair in the mirror, I think she likes it!
I think she LOVES it!! (and that dot on her nose is paint, we went school supply shopping and got paint)
I couldn't find my ruler, but most of you know how big a package of wipes is...
And now she has hair for her baby-ish book. I did have a piece, but it was a chunck that Samantha pulled out of her head.


Jamie said...

That was a BIG haircut on Amber. wow. Ironically, I just cut my 2 boys hair tonight. I should have done it before school started but didn't . Mason has been playing soccer and he get so hot and sweaty, I have been feeling bad. He has such thick hair. Now he will be cooler at his game tomorrow night. I'm glad my 7th grade Jake is not wanting to grow his out in a bieber shag :) and then be one of those silly boys who has to shake their head all the time to keep the hair out of their eyes! :) yea for sensible boys!

van der said...

beautiful girl...