Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exciting news for Lindsey

Lindsey shortly after her 9th birthday, got her braces off.  She was so excited. 

This is Lindsey the day she got her braces on...
Then after she got them on, the first day of braces.
Then this is her silly picture after she got off her braces.  Not the offical braces off picture, but I can't find it.  Our computer had a virus and I can't find it anywhere.... 
Her doctor presented her with a bag of goodies, things that she wasn't able to eat while she had braces.  Her favorite was the apple, she was excited about eating an apple without having it sliced up.
I found Lindsey in my bed asleep a few days later, with a carmel poppcorn still in her mouth.  I guess she missed eating sticky poppcorn too. 

Her smile looks pretty amazing, when she doesn't have carmel corn or some other sticky thing in her mouth.  I think she is happy to have them off, and I am happy to not have to floss her teeth in such great detail.  I'm sure that will only last for awhile, I'm guessing Emily will be getting braces.

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