Saturday, January 21, 2012

July Coastal Road Trip

We headed up the coast, and all those windy, curvy roads put me to sleep.  It was my way to get rid of the car sickness.  So much for me seeing the scenery.  We stopped and had lunch, and Samantha ate a lemon slice... she does it without even making a face.  It is pretty funny.  Of course, then everyone is like, "here eat my lemon," seeing if she can eat it again without squishing up her face like most people.
 We started into the Redwood forest, which were just AMAZING!  I had never been there before, or that I remember anyway.  It was just gorgeous, and breath taking.  What giants those trees are. 

 We walked around a few different times at pull outs, but Lindsey and Lauren were freaked out over the noise as the wind blew.  The trees would kind of cre-e-e-ek, and that was enough to put them in a panic. 

 We found a few drive through trees, which is were we found our car having over heating problems.  That made the rest of the trip a bit stressful for Robert.  He worried about it the rest of our drive.  Being a holiday weekend, that magnified it I am sure too.
 GIANT tree isn't it!
 We found so many fun places to take pictures.  Emily at times wasn't participating for whatever reason.  It would change from time to time.  Other times she was a joy and would be all photo ready.

 Check out these roots!  There was a huge hole in the ground below it where it once was I guess.
 I'm not sure why, but then the girls started making scary faces and growling.  Maybe they were trying to scare Lindsey who was already freaked out by the noise.
 So funny, those little girls are!  Samantha and Amber loved walking around, saying, "take my picture," and "now take my picture."

We spent pretty much one day driving through the redwoods.  The girls kind of got to the point where the girls felt like once we had seen some of the trees, it was all the same from there and they no longer wanted to get out and check out the trees anymore. 

Stay Tuned for the next part of our trip...  from July. 

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