Friday, January 20, 2012

July pictures part 1, California

Okay, so this is the short version of our July events in parts, with pictures.  The very beginning of July we took off for our almost month long adventures, starting toward California for the funeral of a beloved Uncle.  Occasionally we would give the girls little suckers or something.  Samantha fell asleep with hers.  Poor baby!
 The girls also spotted a dirt devil, and they thought the salf flats were pretty cool too.  I am not sure if they have ever driven this way at all. 
 The rooms were pretty basic and small, but we seemed to make it all work okay.  As soon as we got to our rooms, my parents had already been there but were currently out visiting family.  The girls were excited to see them when they returned.  Amber loved playing "guess who" with Grandma. 
Kelly seemed to get the girls all wound up, teasing them and playing with them.  But most of the time it was in my parents room, so I didn't mind much.  I figured it was their problem. 
 One afternoon, Robert took our girls and went to a movie with them.  I went over to Aunt Phyllis' to visit with family there.  There wasn't much for my little ones to do there, nor was there any other little kids there.  It was so great for him to take them so I could visit and spend time with everyone.  I wouldn't have gone other wise.  Tracy and I rode with my parents, and you can see behind us, Lorri and the rest of the group.
One of my Aunt's who wasn't able to make it to the funeral, sent little cars for the boys (my dad's brothers) to race.  This is them trying to get ready to race their cars...  those boys are so funny!  I am not sure you could ever go wrong spending the afternoon with them!
Aunt Phyllis, Wayne's wife, was the official judge.  The boys some how cheated, so she declared a re-race.  Of course those cheating that won, didn't want to redo it.  So they lined up again to race again. 
 Then the next group was able to race, then the winner of those groups raced each other.  What a crack up it was!  We had such a fun time. 

As we left Aunt Phyllis' Lorri's car was loaded down with probably 3 too many people, but we all made it safe and sound.  It was a bit of a wet ride from the water fight that broke out in the car, but I think it all seemed to be okay.  Nothing like a good inside car wash. 

After we got back home, we walked across the street to eat at some little fast food place.  Amber and Samantha took full advantage of Aunts and Uncles that maybe would give them a ride.
The place we stayed at had a pool, but you had to have the employees unlock it before we could use it.   As Robert and I were heading up to Washington, I got this picture of my sister all ready to go swimming with the gang.  We left before anyone else did, since we had a long drive ahead of us, oh yeah and 5 more kids than anyone else was traveling with.
Most everyone left on Sunday, as did we.  My parents and Kelly stayed behind for the graveside services.   My sisters took this picture below on their way back home. 
We headed for Washington, the long, scenic way, up the coast.  (That will be part 2 coming soon)

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