Tuesday, January 17, 2012

June stuff

 I was so happy to see that I already did a post about May birthdays.  You can read about them here.  I feel a little less behind I guess.  I had thought I had saved one to post but then didn't find it.  I guess I posted it after all.  So now on to other things....  

This is some of the events from June:

I had signed up for the 5K Dirty Dash, basically just a mud run with obstacles too.  I signed up for 2.  As the day was approaching, I realized that we had soccer games that day with the girls, and there was no way Robert and I both could do it.  I asked the girls and Lauren was all up for it.  She hadn't been running or anything, so I knew we would be awhile to do it.  She had a blast, she likes doing the races and would like to do more.  We were one muddy mess!  I scratched up my leg pretty good in the last mud pit, got a nice scar now from it.  We asked someone to take our pictures before and after, but somehow, they were taken right, and we didn't end up getting ones.  I also left my purse behind so I didn't have money to pay for the warm showers, so we took freezing cold showers and then changed our clothes.  The picture of our dirty clothes, after our shower is all I have to show for it. 

I can pick out those use to be white socks Lauren wore that day.  They are pretty stained up now. 
Of course June isn't just for the Dirty Dash, it is also for the big Ragnar Race!  It is the race that consumes my hubby the whole year.  Prior to the race, we took a drive after church up on the race path to find some good spots for exchanges during his race.  We had a BBQ lunch at some resevoir or something.  The kids explored while Robert made lunch/dinner, or linner as Emily would call it.  We brough the dog too. 

 It was almost like the beach, all sandy and fun to dig in. 
 There were tons of drift wood type sticks and logs the girls played on. 
 Everyone seemed to have their own sticks.
 Samantha got tired of walking.  She got a ride for awhile.
 The girls found some evidence of some animals....
 But some of the animals seemed to have left parts behind.
I think it was the weekend of the Ragnar Race that I took the kids to the Farm Country.  I love the sign they have out by the entrance.  Pretty funny!
The girls found lots of things to do.  We made ice cream in a bag, played some farm games, got coloring books, stickers, and rode on a wagon ride in addition to petting the animals and riding the horses/ponies.
Samantha was loving the little calf and foal that were eating her skirt and licking her hands.  She could have stayed right there the whole time and not gone any where else.
The girls stood in line for what seemed to be FOREVER to ride the horses and the few ponies they had out there too.  About the time we were getting close, they switched out all the horses for different once including 2 small ponies.  The girls all had their horses picked out and then they put their horses away.
For the most part the girls were delighted to be riding the horses. 
Lots of big smiles and the little girls wanted to do it again.  I think Emily was wishing this was a real ride on a horse not stuck in the little arena.  She would have prefered a trail ride somewhere instead.
For the most part they were pleased and had a good time. 
Both Samantha and Amber gave their horses kisses as they got off and told them Thank you. 
This is a group shot of the group we went with.  We had lots of fun.  We need to go back to farm county again soon!
We left Farm Country, got some dinner and then we went to the Dog Days they had.  They had tons of vendors set up for dog related things and little botiques selling items for dogs like special dog treats along with normal food vendors too.  They had a cool diving dogs demostration where they dogs would dive into a huge pool to get their toy.  But for the most part, the girls enjoyed the giant slides. 

The girls wanted to go back to Dog Days the next day too. 

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